Oath of Fealty

Oath of Fealty

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Armies Covered

Feudal Catalan and Early Crown Of Aragon ; Early Hungarian ; Taifa Andalusian ; Feudal Navarrese and Aragonese ; Feudal Castilian Leonese or Portuguese ; Fanatic Berber ; Italo-Norman? ; Feudal French? ; Imperial German? ; Feudal German? ; Communal Italian ; Papal Italian ; Early Scots Isles And Highlands ; Feudal Scots? ; Early Russian? ; Feudal Polish? ; Anglo-Norman? ; Later Welsh ; Early Lithuanian or Samogitian? ; Wendish Prussian or Estonian? ; Early Medieval Frisia and Other Free Cantons? ; Post-Viking Scandinavian ; Early Plantagenet English? ; Later Sicilian ; Early Medieval Irish ; Early Anglo-Irish? ; Early Teutonic Knights ; Mongol Invasion ; Early Granadine? ; Middle Plantagenet English? ;

About This Book

Also known as "Oafs of Futility", this book covers a wide range of almost identical armies consisting mostly of some knights, a few LH, loads of defensive protected spearmen, a handful of rubbish crossbowmen and a unit of horde.

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