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The Lost Scrolls

Loads of armies that didn't fit in any other book but which loads of people had in DBM so they really need to be revived somehow, but unfortunately no funky additions or exciting tweaks to the previous lists. There was talk of a small campaign game in there somewhere, but it didn't appear

  • Etruscan League? C7th BC until 280BC ;
  • Italian Hill Tribes? C7th to C3rd BC (Aequi, Aurunci, Hernici, Picentes, Sabines, Sidicini and Volsci) ;
  • Early Republican Roman? 509 BC until 280 BC ;
  • Latin? 509 BC until the end of the Latin War in 338 BC ;
  • Samnite? 355 to 272 BC ;
  • Campanian? 5th century BC until 211 BC ;
  • Apulian Lucanian or Bruttian? C5th to 203BC ;

(Surely all these last 7 will be exactly the same?)

  • Early Nomad? - nomad and semi-nomadic tribes of the desert and steppe areas bordering Syria, Canaan and Mesopotamia from 3100 BC until the widespread adoption of the horse towards the end of the 4th century BC including Midianite Arabs ;
  • Amorite Kingdoms? of Mesopotamia such as Subartu (the Assyrian Old Kingdom) from the time of Shamshi-Adad (1813 to 1755 BC) and the 1st Dynasty of Babylon (1894 to 1595 BC) and also the Amorite ruled city states of Syria such as Yamkhad (Aleppo), Mari, Qatna (Tell Mishrife) and Ugarit from circa 2000 BC until their adoption of massed maryannu style chariotry some time after 1600 BC ;
  • Early Elamite? from highland Elam, Anshan and Awan as well as the lowland region of Susiana, all located in modern south-west Iran, from circa 2800 BC to circa 1100 BC ;
  • Early Highland Raiders? such as the various highland peoples of the Zagros, Taurus and Anatolian uplands from circa 3000 BC until circa 1000 BC. eg Guti, Gasgans, Lullubi etc ;
  • Pre Islamic Arabian? southern pre-Islamic and apostate armies of the Arabian peninsula from circa 300 AD until the final adoption of Islam by the whole of the Arabian peninsula ;
  • Later Pre Islamic Bedouin? eg Ghassanids allied to the Romans from circa 420 to 636, and the Lakhmids allied to the Persians from circa 400 to 602 ;
  • Axumite? 100 to 970 AD ;
  • Beja? and desert Blemmye forces from 250 to 1500 AD, and Nile valley Blemmye or Nobatae forces from 298 to 550 AD ;
  • Tuareg? 950 to 1500 AD (good news for Peter Pig);
  • Medieval German City League? armies of the various city leagues (Hanseatic League, 1st and 2nd Swabian League, Lusatian League) from 1300 to 1500 AD ;
  • Late Medieval Feudal German? armies of the German princes and other powerful nobles as well as those of various knightly leagues from 1340 to 1500 ;
  • Late Medieval Frisian or Dithmarchen? armies of the 'autonomous peasant republics', also known as the Free Cantons, from 1340 until the defeat of the last significant army they ever fielded in 1500 ;
  • Vietnamese? 700 BC until 1009 AD

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