Ancient British

Historical Overview Section

By AD 43, the time of the main Roman invasion of Britain, Britain had already frequently been the target of invasions, planned and actual, by forces of the Roman Republic and Roman Empire. Between 55 BC and the 40s AD, the status quo of tribute, hostages, and client states without direct military occupation, begun by Caesar's invasions of Britain, largely remained intact. In 43 a more serious invasion was launched by Claudius with 4 full legions and continued by his successors in a series of campaigns running to 96AD - including putting down Boudiccas rebellion. The invasion finally petered out with large parts of Scotland unconquered, leading the the building of Hadrians Wall.

Using the army in ADLG

  • Probably needs the Strategist and the 6 LH in order to win initiative - after which you may want to put down 5 bits of terrain
  • LI Javelin are hard to shift from rough and difficult terrain, especially up a hill
  • Hard to see how the all-chariot version works though. Any any Chariots need to be Elite or they are almost a waste of points

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Army Lists

Sample army lists for this army

200 Points
6 warriors Medium swordsmen impetuous ------
4 elite warriors Medium swordsmen impetuous Elite
1 Li javelin Light infantry javelin ------
1 LI Sling Light infantry sling ------
1 Women & Children Levy Mediocre
6 British Horsemen Light cavalry javelin
2 chariots Light chariot
3 Li javelin Light infantry javelin
Ordinary Unreliable
4 warriors Medium swordsmen impetuous
2 LI Sling Light infantry sling

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