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The Normans in Ireland, or Hiberno-Normans, were a group of Normans who invaded the various realms of Gaelic Ireland. They arrived from the Kingdom of England and Wales from the 12th century onwards and established themselves as a feudal aristocracy and merchant oligarchy in the Lordship of Ireland which existed throughout the High Middle Ages and Late Middle Ages. They can in many ways be seen as a branch of the Normans in England and Wales. Most of the Normans eventually became Gaelicised, especially in the Munster with Cork as the Norman capital proven statistically by the dominance of French names and linguistics.

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Army Lists

Sample army lists for this army

200AP Roll Call 2018
2 HI Galloglaich 2HW, Elite, Armour
2 MI Javelinmen
2 HC
1 HI 2HW
2 LF Javelin
2 HI 2HW, Elite Galloglaich
2 HI Swordsmen, 2HW
2 LF Bow
2 LF Bow
2 Bow (Longbow)
2 HC
2 HI Elite Galloglaich
1 HI Ordinary Swordsmen

300 Points - Burton 2018
6 HI Elite
2 LB Elite
3 LI Bw
1 Javelinman
Competent General
2 2HCW HI Elite
2 LBw Ordinary
3 MI Spear
3 LI Javelin
2 Javelinmen
Ordinary General
3 KNights Elite
2 LBw Ordinary
2 LI Javelin
2 LH Javelin
Competent General
3 HC Elite
1 LH Javelin
1 LI Javelin
2 Longbow Ordinary
Competent Commander

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