Blemmyes and Nobatae

Historical Overview Section

The Beja are traditionally Cushitic-speaking pastoral nomads native to the territory in the Hala'ib Triangle, the extreme northeast of the Sudan. They were partially Christianized in the 6th century, and the southern Beja were part of the Kingdom of Aksum in the early medieval period. The Beja were Islamized beginning in the 15th century.

Using the army in ADLG

  • 6 Impetuous Medium Camels in Your Face! Yes, that's what this huge army is all about.
  • You are probably also picking 6 Medium Swordsmen (non Impetuous, nice) and a separate force of Cavalry, who can't really operate that closely with the camels.
  • 5 point padding spearmen in decent numbers will hold terrain if uphill.

  • hint 2

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200 Points

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