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Numidia (202 BC – 25 BC) was an ancient Berber kingdom in North Africa that later alternated between being a Roman province and being a Roman client state.

During the first part of the Second Punic War, the eastern Massyli under their king Gaia were allied with the Carthaginians, while the western Massaesyli under king Syphax were allied with the Triumvirate Romans. However in 206 BC, the new king of the eastern Massyli Massinissa allied himself with Rome, and Syphax of the Massaesyli switched his allegiance to the Carthaginian side - bet that was simple to understand! At the end of the war the victorious Romans gave all of Numidia to Massinissa of the Massyli. At the time of his death in 148 BC, Massinissa's territory extended from Mauretania to the boundary of the Carthaginian territory, and also southeast as far as Cyrenaica, so that Numidia entirely surrounded Carthage (Appian, Punica, 106) except towards the sea.

The Triumvirate Roman army tried to subdue Numidia in the Jugurthine war at the end of the 1st century BC, and several legions were dispatched to North Africa under the command of Metellus Numidicus. The war dragged out into a long and seemingly endless campaign as the Romans tried to defeat Jugurtha decisively. Frustrated at the apparent lack of action, Metellus' lieutenant Gaius Marius returned to Rome to seek election as Consul, was elected, and then returned to Numidia to take control of the war. With the help of the king of nearby Mauretania, Jugurtha was captured which then ended the war. Jugurtha was brought to Rome in chains and was placed in the Tullianum.
Jugurtha was executed by the Romans in 104 BC, after being paraded through the streets in Gaius Marius' Triumph. Marius' success paved the way for his reorganisation of the Roman army into the Triumvirate Roman model

Juba I of Numidia or Juba I (c. 85 BC-46 BC, reigned 60 BC-46 BC), was a King of Numidia who allied with the losers in the Roman Civil wars, after he had fallen out with Caesar who sent the tribune Gaius Scribonius Curio to take Africa in 50BC, who had earlier suggested that Numidia should be sold to a private equity firm rather than treated as a real kingdom. Juba massacred Curio's army, but then saw the writing on the wall for Caesar's enemy Scipio and declined to take part in the battle of Thrapsus, and then died soon after in a suicide pact with another defeated Roman general.

Claudius annexed Mauretania directly as a Roman province in 44AD, under an imperial governor.

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Army Lists

Sample army lists for this army

200 Points
Corps 1 (Ordinary)

  • 4 Light horse Light cavalry javelin ------
  • 1 Gallic or Spanish Horse Medium cavalry Elite

Corps 2 (Competent)

  • 4 Numidian Lt Hourse Light cavalry javelin ------
  • 5 Javelinmen Javelinmen ------
  • 1 Gallic or Spanish Horse Medium cavalry Elite

Corps 3 (Brilliant)

  • 6 Imitation Legionaries Heavy swordsmen impact ------
  • 2 Elephants Elephant Mediocre
  • 2 Lt Infantry Light infantry sling ----
  • 2 Lt Infantry Light infantry bow ----

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