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210 Samurai
The Heian period began in 794 after the movement of the capital of Japan to Heian-kyō (present day Kyōto), by the 50th emperor, Emperor Kammu. It is considered a high point in Japanese culture that later generations have always admired. The period is also noted for the rise of the samurai class, which would eventually take power and start the feudal period of Japan.

Nominally, sovereignty lay in the emperor but in fact power was wielded by the Fujiwara nobility. However, to protect their interests in the provinces, the Fujiwara and other noble families required guards, police and soldiers. The warrior class made steady gains throughout the Heian period. As early as 939, Taira no Masakado threatened the authority of the central government, leading an uprising in the eastern province of Hitachi, and almost simultaneously, Fujiwara no Sumitomo rebelled in the west. Still, military takeover was centuries away, when much of the strength of the government would lie within the private armies of the shogunate.

The entry of the warrior class into court influence was a result of the Hōgen Rebellion. At this time Taira no Kiyomori revived the Fujiwara practices by placing his grandson on the throne to rule Japan by regency. Their clan (Taira clan) would not be overthrown until after the Gempei War, which marked the start of the shogunate.

Kammu had abandoned universal conscription in 792, but he still waged major military offensives to subjugate the Emishi, possible descendants of the displaced Jōmon, living in northern and eastern Japan. After making temporary gains in 794, in 797 Kammu appointed a new commander under the title Seii Taishogun. By 801 the shogun had defeated the Emishi and had extended the imperial domains to the eastern end of Honshū

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  • They have unique foot who can fight and shoot really well
  • Elite shooters of any type are always welcome

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Army Lists

Sample army lists for this army
350 AP Burton 2018
4 Elite HC Included General Ordinary
4 Bow Elite
3 Ashigaru
3 HF Samurai
Competent General
3 Ashigaru
4 Bowmen
3 MF Sword
Competent General
5 HC Elite
5 LC Bow
Included General

Madaxeman 350 AP Burton 2018
4 HC Elite + Included Competent
2 LH Bow
1 Medium Cavalry Bow
1 LC Bow
4 MI Bow
2 MF Swordsmen Samurai
4 Ashigaru
2 Heavy Cavalry Average
4 HI Samurai
3 Bowmen Samurai
2 Ashigaru
2 MF Samurai
Stampeding Cattle
4 Warrior Monks non impetuous
2 Horde
Ordinary General

200AP USTT 2018
2 Foot Samurai with Sword Heavy swordsmen 2HW Elite
4 Foot Samurai with Sword Medium swordsmen 2HW ------
2 Followers with Yari Medium spearmen Mediocre
4 Foot Samurai with Bow Medium swordsmen bow ------
2 Followers with Yari Medium spearmen Mediocre
2 Mounted Samurais Heavy cavalry bow Elite
4 Mounted Samurais Heavy cavalry bow ------

300 Points
Ordinary, included General

  • 4 Heavy Cavalry, Elite

Ordinary General

  • 3 Medium Bow/swordsmen Elite
  • 2 Heavy 2HCW men Elite
  • 3 Poor Medium Spearmen

Ordinary General

  • 3 Medium Bow/swordsmen Elite
  • 2 Heavy 2HCW men Elite
  • 3 Poor Medium Spearmen

Brilliant General

  • 5 Elite Heavy Cavalry
  • 6 Average LH Bowmen

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