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The known early history of Thailand begins with the earliest major archaeological site at Ban Chiang. Dating of artifacts from this site is controversial, but there is a consensus that at least by 3600 BCE, inhabitants had developed bronze tools and had begun to cultivate wet rice, providing the impetus for social and political organisation.

Later, Malay, Mon, and Khmer civilisations flourished in the region prior to the domination of the Thais, most notably the kingdom of Srivijaya in the south, the Dvaravati kingdom in central Thailand, and the Khmer Empire based at Angkor.

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Army Lists

Sample army lists for this army

262 Siamese with Malay - Britcon 2018
2 War Elephant Elephant ------
4 Warriors Medium swordsmen impetuous ------
5 Archers Light infantry bow ------
2 Light Infantry Firearm Light infantry firearm Elite
3 Porters and Servants Levy expendable Mediocre
2 Warriors Medium swordsmen impetuous ------
3 Archers Light infantry bow ------
1 War Elephant* Elephant ----
Competent Malay Ally
2 War Elephant Elephant ----
3 Malay Swordsmen Medium swordsmen impetuous
4 Light Infantry Bow Light infantry bow ------
1 Light Infantry Firearm Light infantry firearm Elite

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