pants pants pants PANTS!!!

Let's face it, we have all done it. That dodgy deployment, or the dice-inspired disaster that helps us to pull defeat from the slavering jaws of victory....This is a website created as a homage to all of us who have succumbed to wargames-related disasters.

pants pants pants pants pants pants pants pants pants

This page was originally inspired by the actions of Dave "Pants" Everett, notably the Burton Masterclass Deployment of March 2000, but since then has grown to include a selection of choice pants moments from wargamers from around the world. You are invited to browse it at your leisure, be entertained, amused, horrified, grateful - and hopefully be inspired to add to the gallery yourself with your own personal selections of other "pants" items you may have experienced, contributed to, or witnessed. And, just remember, probably almost as a direct result of the learning experience he gained from this very page being created, Dave climbed out of the mire of pants, and achieved 3rd place at the UK Nationals in August 2000. It could happen to you....

If you have done something really "pants" you would like to share with the wargaming world, please e-mail me at:

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