In a star system far, far away...

HORIZON WARSan Osprey Production



It is a period of galactic turmoil.

Grotesque Alien monsters operating under the legally defensible IP umbrella of the GW Empire have been striking deep into Human-controlled space.

Overrunning planet after planet they have lain waste to worlds across 5 parsecs, leaving only devastation in their wake

(and a series of rather unpleasant selfies posted to galactic social media network SpaceBook)

During recent months, the Human Federation have manage to form a plan to strike back.

Admittedly this would have been cooler if they were an Empire striking back, rather than a Federation..

..but the need for sociopolicical coherence in the back story trumps cheap Star Wars references.

And if you want giant robots developed by mega corporations, the apex form of government can't really be a hereditary monarchy.

Unless you are Christopher Nuttall of course.

It is however still a dark time for the Human Federation.

Although the GW Aliens have been checked, Giant Robots are clearly now needed in order to turn the halt into a retreat.

And, fortunately, a swiftly glossed over bit of back story is here to help.

Creating a vague and imprecise post-hoc justification for Giant Robots means they can drive Alien forces from their nests.

Led by a range of very cheap plastic giant robots from e4M Miniatures, the troops gather.

Add in more Ground Zero Games forces than anyone can field on table, and we are ready

The start line beckons to begin their conquest and bring battle to the forces of GW Alienness.

Defeating the Aliens is their main aim, but if they can capture some intact even better.

Lets face it, have you seen the crazy money this original Epic Tyranid shit goes for on Galactic eBay these days?

Selling one of the bigger beasts alone could fund an entire planetary economy for well over a decade....

...and ensure that Horizon Wars becomes the SF gaming system of choice over all of the spiral arm of the G13 Galaxy for centuries to come!

Use the D12 Luke...Use the D12 !