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  • Massed mediocre Pike are actually pretty decent - but you need a lot of them, and in this era, to screen them with skirmishers too
  • you also need to clear your head of the fanciful notion of tactics ; massed ranks of razor sharp obsidian bearing Mexicans means exactly that.
  • You need to try for the coastal terrain and will inevitably either attack or defend in the plains. Use all the terrain you can to squeeze the board into unmanageable sections. It’s not your problem as you probably won’t be going anywhere near the stuff….except possibly fields for the wings to sit in.
  • This tactic such as it is relies on a continuous line of troops and the wings anchored on terrain (preferably with the wing corps inside). Then you sit around and wait. Most games don’t exceed 3 hours so engage in some sort of hobby while you wait for the opponent to work out there is only one way to take you on.

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Army Lists

Sample army lists for this army#
Podcast List (Dave)
Ordinary Included
4 nobles medium swordsmen 2HW elite
1 bowmen bowmen ------
1 skirmishers with sling light infantry sling ------
1 bowmen bowmen mediocre
6 spearmen pikemen mediocre
2 bowmen bowmen ----
3 skirmishers with sling light infantry sling ----
2 bowmen bowmen mediocre
Ordinary Unreliable
6 spearmen pikemen mediocre
3 skimishers with sling light infantry sling ------

In the antipodes we have adopted a slightly more inane idea of what to do with massed mediocre pikes

Brilliant general
Corps 1 (the teeth of the axolotl)
8 spearmen pike mediocre
4 light infantry sling
2 light infantry bow
2 warriors with bow mediocre

This lot form up in a group of 6 pikes covered by a front rank of 6 lights to absorb hits before the action starts. Anyone who comes close enough gets shot at by the bowmen. The remaining pikes act as a second group mobile reserve …….well, a reserve at least.

Ordinary general
Corps 2 (the claws of the cacomistle)
2 spearmen pike mediocre
2 nobles medium swordsmen bow elite
2 warriors with bow mediocre

Ordinary general
Corps 3 (the bark of the Xoloitzcuintli……go on, look it up….you know you want to)
2 spearmen pike mediocre
2 nobles medium swordsmen bow elite
2 warriors with bow mediocre

These two groups are designed either to hold the wings while the enemy are drawn forward into the teeth of the axolotl, or to sit around and annoy people. Either way, sitting in a nice piece of terrain and shouting in a dialect of Chinantec gives the player the option of sounding like an intellectual while actually knowing bugger all about the army.

Everything shoots so the idea is to shoot at stuff and keep a solid line until the opponent has had enough and throws himself on your pikes. While you are waiting for this to happen you can either read a book or watch Mexican soap operas (which are quite funny we are led to believe).
28 units 200 points

200 Points

  • 3 of these
  • 4 of these
  • etc
  • etc

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