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  • Massed mediocre Pike are actually pretty decent - but you need a lot of them, and in this era, to screen them with skirmishers too
  • hint 2

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  • Chinantec Army usage statistics from the ADLG ranking site

Army Lists

Sample army lists for this army#
Podcast List (Dave)
Ordinary Included
4 nobles medium swordsmen 2HW elite
1 bowmen bowmen ------
1 skirmishers with sling light infantry sling ------
1 bowmen bowmen mediocre
6 spearmen pikemen mediocre
2 bowmen bowmen ----
3 skirmishers with sling light infantry sling ----
2 bowmen bowmen mediocre
Ordinary Unreliable
6 spearmen pikemen mediocre
3 skimishers with sling light infantry sling ------

200 Points

  • 3 of these
  • 4 of these
  • etc
  • etc

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