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Cyrene was an ancient Greek colony in present-day Libya, the oldest and most important of the five Greek cities in the region. It became an established commercial hub among the many Greek cities around the Mediterranean, reaching the height of its prosperity under its own kings in the 5th century BC. Soon after 460 BC it became a Republic, and after the death of Alexander III of Macedon (323 BC) it was passed to the Ptolemaic dynasty.

Ophelas, the general who occupied the city in Ptolemy I's name, ruled the city almost independently until his death, when Ptolemy's son-in-law Magas received governorship of the territory. In 276 BC Magas crowned himself king and declared de facto independence, marrying the daughter of the Seleucid king and forming with him an alliance in order to invade Egypt. The invasion was unsuccessful and in 250 BC, after Magas' death, the city was reabsorbed into Ptolemaic Egypt. Cyrenaica became part of the Ptolemaic empire controlled from Alexandria, and became Roman territory in 96 BC when Ptolemy Apion bequeathed Cirenaica to Rome. In 74 BC the territory was formally transformed into a Roman province.

Using the army in ADLG

  • Armoured Spearmen, with no maximun. Nice!
  • Can have some interesting and pokey Chariots in a Carthaginian ally to give it a different flavour to many other lists with Hoplites

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Army Lists

Sample army lists for this army
"12 Hoplites" Podcast List
3 heavy chariot heavy chariot ------
2 libyan light foot light infantry javelin ------
1 horsemen medium cavalry mediocre
2 greek peltasts javelinmen ------
Ordinary Unreliable
2 libyan light foot light infantry javelin ------
5 hoplites heavy spearmen ------
3 hoplites heavy spearmen Mediocre
Competent Carthaginian Ally
1 sacred band heavy spearmen armour elite
3 african spearmen Heavy spearmen ------
2 chariots heavy chariot impact Elite
2 light infantry light infantry javelin ------
1 greek javelinmen javelinmen ----

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