Normans in Sicily

Historical Overview Section

By the 11th century mainland southern Apennine powers were hiring Norman mercenaries, who were descendants of the Vikings; it was the Normans under Roger I who conquered Sicily, taking it away from the Arab Muslims. After taking Apulia and Calabria, Roger occupied Messina with an army of 700 knights. In 1068, Roger I of Sicily and his men defeated the Muslims at Misilmeri but the most crucial battle was the siege of Palermo, which led to Sicily being completely under Norman control by 1091

In 1136, the rival of Anacletus, Pope Innocent II, convinced Lothair III, Holy Roman Emperor to attack the Kingdom of Sicily with help from the Byzantine Emperor John II Comnenus. Two main armies, one led by Lothair, the other by Duke of Bavaria Henry the Proud, invaded Sicily. On the river Tronto, William of Loritello surrendered to Lothair and opened the gates of Termoli to him. This was followed by Count Hugh II of Molise. The two armies were united at Bari, from where in 1137 they continued their campaign. Roger offered to give Apulia as a fief to the Empire, which Lothair refused after being pressured by Innocent. At the same period the army of Lothair revolted.46

Then Lothair, who had hoped for the complete conquest of Sicily, gave Capua and Apulia from the Kingdom of Sicily to Roger's enemies. Innocent protested, claiming that Apulia fell under papal claims. Lothair turned north, but died while crossing the Alps on December 4, 1137. At the Second Council of the Lateran in April 1139, Innocent excommunicated Roger for maintaining a schismatic attitude. On March 22, 1139, at Galluccio, Roger's son Roger III, Duke of Apulia ambushed the papal troops with a thousand knights and captured the pope. On March 25, 1139, Innocent was forced to acknowledge the kingship and possessions of Roger with the Treaty of Mignano

Using the army in ADLG

  • Spear-armed Almughavars get run down by Knights, so take a few as Impact Swordsmen, not lots as Spearmen
  • You can't run an all-mounted version of this army as in theme you will inevitably come up against Knights supported by Spears. You need a plan to at least match off the enemy spears while the greater number of your own knights are brought to bear on a weaker spot in their line.

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15mm Manufacturers supplying figures for this army

You can see some of the figures in the Ancients Photo Gallery also on this site

Image Image Image Image
  • Essex Miniatures Slightly small compared to some other manufacturers for their Normans
  • Donnington - 13 Normans in their original range, and an updated "New Era" range also due out in early 2011
  • Gladiator - extensive Norman & similar era ranges
  • Old Glory 7 Norman figure codes, plus some Crusades Franks and Italians
  • Museum Small number of figures in a Norman range
  • Minifigs UK Dark Ages & Norman Range
  • Irregular Minis Norman mounted are one piece castings
  • Lancashire Games 8 Normans
  • QRF models (Feudal Castings & Friekorps ranges) Anglo Normans from feudal castings - separate arms for multipose lancers
  • Tin Soldier 9 Normans
  • 2 Dragons Tremendous variety of Carolingians & Normans
  • Isarus (more former TTG figures) 6 cavalry, 8 foot
  • Khurasan now offer a Frankish range for the 10-12th Centuries
  • Viking Forge
  • Battle Line (NZ) former TTG Ranges - as above
  • Legio Heroica - Crusades range is also suitable for Normans
  • Baueda New Norman range to complement their existing Viking range

Army Lists

Sample army lists for this army

180 Normans in Sicily (Cameron - Britcon 2019)
All Generals Competent
4 Feudal Knights
1 Aragonese Lancer
2 LF Xbow
6 Almighavars
1 Levy
1 LF Xbow
4 Feudal Knights
2 Berber LH Javelin
2 LF Bow

225 AP BHGS Challenge 2019 3rd place
2 LF Bow
5 Medium Knights Impact
1 Horde
Competent General
4 Elite Impetuous Knights
1 XBow
2 LF Bow
1 LH Javelin
Competent General
5 KNights
2 LF Bow
1 XBow
1 LH Javelin

200- AP Campaign list
2 Ordinary Knights
2 Arab Cv Lancers
2 MF Mercenary Crossbowmen
3 Impetuous Elite Knights (including General)
1 Ordinary Knight
1 LH Javelin
2 LF Bow

5 Kn Impetuous
1 LH Javelin
1 LF Bow

Marc Crotteau's Worlds 2016 List
Normans in Sicily (Frederick option)

+4 initiative, 23 units

Strategist +3: 4x med KN impetuous, 1x med KN impact, 3x LH jav, 2x LF bow
Sub general +1: 4x med KN impact, 3x LH jav
Sub general +0: 4x mixed units w/ heavy SP + crossbow, 2x LF bow

The general theory was that the two KN commands zoom forward together and go all RAGE on about 1/3 of the opponent’s army before the opponent has time to react, while the foot command covers their flank. It usually worked.

300 points
Qty Troop description Troop type Quality
5 Feudal Knights medium knight impetuous Elite
3 Sicilian Crossbowmen light infantry crossbow ------
Qty Troop description Troop type Quality
2 Feudal Knights medium knight impetuous elite
2 Berber cavalry Light cavalry javelin ------
1 Aragonese Cavalry light cavalry impact ------
Ally Ordinairy
Qty Troop description Troop type Quality
6 Almughavars medium spearmen elite
3 light infantry bow light infantry bow ------
Ally Brilliant
Qty Troop description Troop type Quality
6 Almughavars medium spearmen elite
3 light infantry bow light infantry bow ------
1 Feudal Knight medium knight impetuous elite
2 Berber Cavalry light cavalry javelin ----
1 Aragonese Cavalry light cavalry impact ----

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