Syria, Canaan and Ugarit

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Ugarit was important enough to be fortified with a wall early on, perhaps by 6000 BCE, though the site is thought to have been inhabited earlier. Ugarit was important perhaps because it was both a port and at the entrance of the inland trade route to the Euphrates and Tigris lands. The city reached its heyday between 1800 and 1200 BCE, when it ruled a trade-based coastal kingdom, trading with Egypt, Cyprus, the Aegean, Syria, the Hittites, and much of the eastern Mediterranean

In the second millennium BCE, Ugarit's population was Amorite, and the Ugaritic language probably has a direct Amoritic origin. The kingdom of Ugarit may have controlled about 2,000 km2 on average. During some of its history it would have been in close proximity to, if not directly within the Hittite Empire.

The last Bronze Age king of Ugarit, Ammurapi (circa 1215 to 1180 BCE), was a contemporary of the last known Hittite king, Suppiluliuma II. The exact dates of his reign are unknown. However, a letter by the king is preserved, in which Ammurapi stresses the seriousness of the crisis faced by many Near Eastern states due to attacks. Ammurapi pleads for assistance from the king of Alashiya, highlighting the desperate situation Ugarit faced: My father, behold, the enemy's ships came (here); my cities were burned, and they did evil things in my country. Does not my father know that all my troops and chariots are in the Land of Hatti, and all my ships are in the Land of Lukka? ... Thus, the country is abandoned to itself. May my father know it: the seven ships of the enemy that came here inflicted much damage upon us.

Eshuwara, the senior governor of Cyprus, responded: As for the matter concerning those enemies: (it was) the people from your country (and) your own ships (who) did this! And (it was) the people from your country (who) committed these transgression(s)...I am writing to inform you and protect you. Be aware!

The ruler of Carchemish sent troops to assist Ugarit, but Ugarit was sacked. A letter sent after Ugarit was destroyed said: When your messenger arrived, the army was humiliated and the city was sacked. Our food in the threshing floors was burnt and the vineyards were also destroyed. Our city is sacked. May you know it! May you know it!

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200 Points Podcast #19
Competent Included
4 heavy chariots heavy chariot impetuous elite
1 scouts light cavalry bow mediocre
3 apiru javelinmen light infantry javelin ------
2 apiru javelinmen javelinmen mediocre
2 Royal guardsmen medium swordsmen impact elite
2 Medjergelem guardsmen heavy swordsmen elite
3 apiru javelinmen light infantry javelin ----
2 bowmen bowmen Mediocre
3 sherden medium swordsmen impetuous ----
Ordinary Included
2 chariots 2 horse light chariot bow elite
2 chariots 2 horse light chariot bow ------

200 Points - Avignon 2019
3 LCh Bow Elite
1 LH Bow Poor
Included General with LCh Ordinary
3 Impetuous Elite HCh
3 LCh Bow
1 LF Bow
1 Impetuous Chariot Ordinary + General
1 LF Javelin
3 LCh Bow
2 LF Javelin
2 Bow
2 MF Sw Impetuous
Competent General

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