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Armenia was originally a semi-autonomous province of the Late Achaemenid Persian Empire which passed to the Macedonian Empire after Persia's conquest by the Alexandrian Macedonians. From 301 BC Armenia passed into the sphere of influence of the Early Successor Seleucid Empire, but maintained a considerable degree of autonomy under its native rulers. Antiochus III the Great of the Later Seleucids got bored with the idea of autonomy and decided to suppress the local dynasty under Xerxes, who surrendered accepted Antiochus sister Antiochis as a wife. She later murdered Xerxes - ouch!. But, as the Later Seleucid)0 Empire unravelled at the edges as they fought the Late Republican Romans, Parthians and Later Macedonians Armenia snuck under the radar and became yet again an independent kingdom from 190 BC to 66 BC, and was a client state of either the Roman, Parthian or (Sassanid Persian empires until AD 428.

At its zenith, from 95 to 66 BC, Armenia extended its rule over parts of the Caucasus and the area that is now eastern Turkey, Syria and Lebanon. Tigranes the Great 95 BCE–55 BCE (also called Tigranes II and sometimes Tigranes I) was the king when the country became, for a short time, the strongest state in the Roman East. After it became a Roman province, Armenia was often a focus of contention between Rome and Persia. The Parthians forced Armenia into submission from 37 to 47, when the Romans retook control of the kingdom. The Sassanid Persians occupied Armenia in 252 and held it until the Romans returned in 287. In 387 the kingdom was split between the East Roman Empire and the Persians. Western Armenia quickly became a province of the Roman Empire.

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15mm Manufacturers supplying figures for this army

Other manufacturers have related ranges - most people carry some Scythian horse archers and some cataphracts. This is the Parthian selection, which is probably pretty similar to Armenian. Check out the relevant Roman or Greek pages for other troops. A full manufacturers listing is on my 15mm suppliers page.
You can see some of the figures in the Ancients Photo Gallery also on this site

  • Essex Miniatures - 1 cataphtact, 4 horse archers in the Parthian range, but may other suitable figures in other ranges
  • Donnington - 3 cataphracts, 4 horse archers, some officers and also cataphract camels, plus troops in other ranges
  • Old Glory 15's, Cataphracts, horse archers and command packs
  • Lancashire Games - 2 horse archers, 23 Cataphracts
  • Peter Pig - Parthian range
  • Irregular Miniatures Parthians as well as Sassanind/Palymran ranges
  • Minifigs Parthians as well as Sassanind/Palymran/Armenian ranges
  • Viking Forge Horse archer and Cataphracts !
  • Outpost Wargame Services Horse archers, cavalry and command packs.
  • QRF Models Some archers, javelinmen and light horse in the the Feudal Castings Hellenistic Greek range will work well.

Army Lists

Sample army lists for this army

71 Armenians Orphan Brigade
2 Nobles Cataphract Elite
2 Nobles Cataphract ------
1 Horse Archers Medium cavalry bow ------
2 Horse Archers Light cavalry bow ------
2 Javelinmen Javelinmen ----
1 Albanians Light infantry javelin ----
3 Nobles Cataphract
1 Horse Archers Medium cavalry bow
2 Horse Archers Light cavalry bow
2 Light Infantry Bowmen Light infantry bow
2 Horse Archers Medium cavalry bow
4 Horse Archers Light cavalry bow

Command 1
Competent Commander 1
Cataphract (Elite) 2
Cataphract 2
Light Cavalry Bow 3
Command 2
Competent Commander 1
Cataphract 4
Light Cavalry Bow 4
Command 3
Competent Commander 1
Light Cavalry Bow 5
Javelinmen 2
Light Infantry Bow 2


  • Migraines The Great Ordinary
  • 2 Nobles Cataphract Elite
  • 4 Nobles Cataphract ------


  • Methane The Deadly Competent
  • 2 Nobles Cataphract ------
  • 2 Georgians Heavy cavalry impetuous ------
  • 3 Horse Archers Medium cavalry bow ------
  • 1 Horse Archers Light cavalry bow ----


  • Ally : Windopane The Shattered Ordinary
  • 3 Bowmen Bowmen ----
  • 3 Javelinmen Javelinmen ------
  • 3 Albanians Light infantry javelin ----



200 Points, Strategist Tigranes the Great
Cataphract x2
Cataphract elite x2
Medium cavalry bow x4
Javelinmen x2
Brilliant Commander
Cataphract x4
Medium cavalry bow x4
Light infantry bow x2
Ordinary Commander Inc.
Light cavalry bow x6

200 Points

  • 3 of these
  • 4 of these
  • etc
  • etc