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Sir John Hawkwood (1320-1394) was an English mercenary or condottiero in 14th century Italy. Hawkwood served first the Pope and then various factions in Italy for over 30 years. In the beginning of the 1360s Hawkwood had risen to be commander of the White Company. In 1363 Hawkwood's men were part of the companies that the marquis of Montferrato hired and led over the Alps to fight a war against Milan. Afterwards, Hawkwood and his troops remained in Italy.

In the following years, the White Company fought under many banners and switched sides many times. In 1364, it fought for the Italian Condotta state of Pisa against Florence. In 1369, Hawkwood fought for Perugia against the Papal forces. In 1370, he joined Bernabò Visconti in his war against an alliance of cities including Pisa and Florence. In 1372, he fought for Visconti against his former master, the Marquis of Monferrato. After that, he resigned his command and the White Company moved to the service of the Pope for a time.

By the 1390s Hawkwood became a commander-in-chief of the Italian Condotta army of Florence in the war against the expansion of Gian Galeazzo Visconti of Milan. Hawkwood's army invaded Lombardy and was within ten miles of Milan before he had to retreat over Adige river. Later in the year, forces under his command defended Florence and later defeated the Milanese force of Jacopo dal Verme. Eventually Visconti sued for peace. Contemporary opinion in Florence regards Hawkwood as a savior of Florence's independence against Milanese expansion.

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Army Lists

Sample army lists for this army

230 Free Company (Dewberry - Britcon 2019)
Competent Included
1 HKn Impact Elite
3 HKn Impact
1 HCv Impact
1 Foot Knight Elite
2 Longbow Stakes Elite
1 Handgunner Elite
1 Brigand Mediocre Sword
3 Foot Knights
1 HCv Impact
1 Handgunner Elite
1 Hvy Artillery
2 Peasant Levy
1 Brigand Mediocre

List from Derby 2017
Competent Included
6 Heavy Knights Heavy knight
1 medium Cavalty impact Medium cavalry impact
9 heavy Swordsman two handed weapon Heavy swordsmen 2HW
2 Light Infantry Javelin Light infantry javelin
2 Infantry Crossbow Light infantry crossbow
1 medium Cavalry impact Medium cavalry impact

300 Points - Villefontaine 2019

  • Competent

2 heavy Knights impetuous elite
1 heavy Knights impact
1 longbowmen elite
1 crossbowmen
2 LI crossbow

  • Competent

2 heavy swordsmen 2HW
2 longbowmen elite
1 crossbowmen
1 LI javelin elite
2 heavy cavalry impact

  • Competent unreliable

5 heavy armored swordsmen 2HW
1 longbowmen
1 crossbowmen
1 LI javelin elite
1 médium cavalry impact

  • Ordinary unreliable included in Heavy Knight impact elite

4 Knights on foot elite
1 LI crossbow