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Condottieri were mercenary leaders employed by Italian city-states from the late Middle Ages until the mid-sixteenth century. The first bands appeared between the end of C13 and C14. Later these bands were joined by the first true organized Ventura Companies, those of Duke Werner of Urslingen and count Konrad von Landau. Werner's company had a code of laws which imposed a rigid discipline and an equal division of income. This company was increased until it turned into the fearsome "Great Company,". Since many of the condottiere were well educated they began to view warfare more as science rather than bravery. As consequence, most condottieri viewed it a better idea to out-maneuevre the opponent and fight his ability to wage war rather than risk actual field battles. The condottieri were masters of the battles fought in Italy for the whole 15th century. By the time of the wars in Lombardy, Niccolò Machiavelli observed, "None of the principal states were armed with their own proper forces".

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Army Lists

Sample army lists for this army
200 points CLWC 1-dayer 2016
Competent General
4 Crossbows Crossbowmen pavise ----
4 Militia Medium spearmen Mediocre
1 skirmisher Light infantry bow ----
Competent Unreliable General
4 Crossbows Crossbowmen pavise ----
4 Militia Medium spearmen Mediocre
1 skirmisher Light infantry bow ----
Swiss Ally - ordinary
2 Pikemen
2 Halberdiers
1 LF handgunner

200 Points, the Worlds, (Dan Hazlewood)
3 Kn
1 MCv XBow
2 LI Xbow
3 LC, javelin
2 Kn
1 McV Impact
2 LC Javelin
2 Kn
1 MCv XBow
1 LF H/Gun
1 LH XBow
2 LC Javelin

It is designed to always attack with 7 Knights at a precise point no later than turn 3. Speed and power at one point to break through. The large LC force allows the domination of enemy skirmishers to drive the tempo. This relies on an assumption that the enemy is trying to maneuver and then you halt them and punch them with 7 HKn. The flaw is the army is brittle and has too few battle units to face large foot based armies run by players that keep their Corps in supporting distance of one another.

200 Points, The Worlds, Fiorentina (T Porter)
4 Men at Arms Heavy Knight impact
1 Light Crossbow Cavalry Light cavalry crossbow
2 English Longbow Longbowmen Elite
1 Light Infantry Light infantry firearm ------
1 Halbardiers Heavy swordsmen 2HW ------
1 Pike Militia Pikemen Mediocre
2 Crossbow militia ½ Heavy spearmen ½ Crossbowmen + pavise ------
Free Company Ally, Competent
3 Men at Arms Heavy swordsmen 2HW ----
2 English Longbow Longbowmen Elite
1 Gascons Light infantry firearm ------
1 Foot Knight Foot Knight Elite
1 Gascons Light infantry javelin ----

This list really did not have enough hitting power, or staying power - and the excessive amount of shooters always ended up vulnerable to a fast attack by enemy MF or mounted. It would have been much better to have an extra Kn or two in one of the other commands to help deter enemy MF
200 Points - The Worlds 16, venice
4 Kn (O)
2 Longbow
2 Hordes
Competent General
3 Knights
1 LH XBow
2 LH Jls
Brilliant General
Swiss Ally Competent
5 MF 2HCW Elite
1 LF X-bow

200 AP Venetian used at The Worlds 2016
1 LH XBow
3 LF H/G Elite
2 Pk O
2 Halberdiers HF
1 XBow Mediocre
1 LF Bow
1 Horde
Brilliant General
1 Kn (O)
Swiss Ally -
2 Pike Elite (Including Ordinary General)
2 Handgunners LF
2 LH Superior, ,Javelins
2 LF, Bow
1 Longbow
3 Kn (O)
Strategist General

200 Points Britcon 2016 (Florence)
4 Knights heavy Knight Impact ------
1 light cavalry crossbow Light cavalry crossbow ------
1 light infantry firearm light infantry firearm ------
1 longbowmen longbowmen elite
====Free Company Included Allied Competent
2 longbowmen Longbowmen
1 knights heavy knight impact
3 men at arms Heavy swordsmen 2HW
1 bidets Light infantry javelin
1 light infantry firemen light infantry firearm
2 knights heavy Knight Impact
2 hungarians Light cavalry bow
2 medium swordsmen medium swordsmen 2hw

200 Points Britcon 2016 (Naples)
2 Mercenary crossbowmen Crossbowmen ------
2 Halberdiers Medium swordsmen 2HW ----
2 Almughavars Medium swordsmen impact Elite
4 Men at arms Heavy knight impact
1 Mounted crossbowmen Light infantry crossbow
2 Crossbow militia skirmishers Light infantry crossbow
4 Neapolitan feudal knights Heavy knight impetuous Elite
3 Aragonese mercenaries: crossbowmen Light infantry crossbow ------
1 Aragonese mercenaries: archers Light infantry bow ------

200 Points

  • Competent
  • 2 Men-at-arms (dsmt as foot knights) Heavy Knight impact ------
  • 1 LH X-Bow Light cavalry crossbow ------
  • 3 Feudal Knights Heavy Knight impetuous Elite ///
  • Competent
  • 2 Men-at-arms (dsmt as foot knights) Foot Knight ------ #N/A
  • 2 Mercenary pikemen Pikemen ------ 11
  • 3 Light Crossbow Light infantry crossbow ------ 4
  • 1 Guardsman Heavy spearmen Elite 10 ////
  • Competent
  • 2 Catalan Almughavars Medium swordsmen impact Elite 10
  • 2 Halberdiers Medium swordsmen 2HW 8
  • 1 Handgunners Light infantry firearm ------ 4
  • 2 Aragonese Mercenaries Light infantry crossbow ---- 4

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