Feudal Russian

Historical Overview Section

The Russians persistently battled against the successor states of the Golden Horde, chiefly the Khanate of Crimea. Annually the Russian population of the borderland suffered from Tatar invasions and tens of thousands of noblemen protected the southern borderland (a heavy burden for the state)

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Army Lists

Sample army lists for this army

300 Points
1 CinC Competant
4 Heavy Cavalry Heavy Cavalry Elite
2 German Knights Medium Knight Impact Ordinary
10 Heavy Cavalry Heavy Cavalry Ordinary
Army Corp 2 Troop Type Type
1 Sub General Competant
7 Pechneg & Cuman Light Horse Bow Ordinary
Army Corp 3 Troop Type Type
1 Sub General Competant
4 City Militia Heavy Spearmen Armour Ordinary
2 Light Infantry Light Infantry Bow Ordinary
Army Corp 4 Mordvin Allies Troop Type Type
1 Allied Gen Ordinary
2 Medium Cavalry Medium Cavalry Bow Ordinary
2 Swordsmen Medium Swordsmen Ordinary
2 Bowmen Bowmen Ordinary

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