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The kingdom of Navarre was formed when a local Basque leader Íñigo Arista was declared King in Pamplona (traditionally in 824) and led a revolt against the regional Frankish authority. This list covers the period during the 100YW when Charles The Bad intrigued with and against the Medieval French, who eventually annexed him and his kingdom.

In 1305 Navarre had fallen under the guardianship of King Philip IV of France, where it remained until the death of Charles IV of France at 1328 who left no male heirs - always a messy situation in Medieval times. When Philip of Valois became king of France, the Navarrese took the opportunity to declare themselves independent and called to the throne Joanna II and her husband Philip of Evreux (Philip the Wise - or Philip the man with good PR agents). As part of the deal Joanna waived all claim to the throne of France and gave up Champagne and Brie (the regions, not the foodstuffs) in exchange Angoulême, Longueville, and Mortain.

They were succeeded by their son, Charles II of Navarre, who assumed the reins of government from 1349–87. Chalrles was very French, and he regarded Navarre principally as a source of manpower with which to advance his designs to become a major power in France and harboured aspirations to claim the Medieval French throne for himself. As a result he played an important part in the Hundred Years' War and in the French civil unrest of the time, marrying the daughter of the King of France but fighting her father and conspiring to form an alliances against France with the 100-yrs War English -Continental, leading to the French King signing a treaty with him - which in turn left the 100-yrs War English -Continental feeling somwhat stiffed. Several other botched and brokeeen alliances followed, as well as a rumoured involvement in a possible Coup d'etat in France - much of it driven by issues involving the lands his kingdom of Navarre controlled in Northern France in and around Normandy which were pivotal in the landscape of 100YW. He also had a punt at claiming the Medieval Burgundian Dukedom and although this cost him much in money and reputation, and by 1365 he was mostly back in Navarre full time. On account of his deceit and cruelty he received the surname of the Wicked and, later in his reign, the Navarrese Company acquired island possessions in Greece (no connection).

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Army Lists

Sample army lists for this army

200 points from Derby 2017
3 Knights and men-at-arms Heavy Knight impetuous Elite
1 Knights and men-at-arms Heavy Knight impetuous ------
2 Light Infantry slinger Light infantry sling ------
1 English Longbowmen Longbowmen Elite
Competent Included
1 Men at Arms Eng (General inc.) Foot Knight Elite
1 English men-at-arms Foot Knight ------
2 English Longbowmen Longbowmen Elite
3 Almughavars Medium swordsmen impact Elite
1 Gascon Brigans Medium swordsmen Mediocre
1 Almughavars Medium swordsmen impact Elite
2 Gascon crossbowmen Crossbow
2 Gascon Brigans Medium swordsmen Mediocre
1 Gascon Bidets Light infantry javelin ----

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