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In antiquity, the Tuareg moved southward from the Tafilalt region into the Sahel under the Tuareg founding queen Tin Hinan, who is believed to have lived between the 4th and 5th century is located in the Sahara at Abalessa in the Hoggar Mountains of southern Algeria. Vestiges of an inscription in Tifinagh, the Tuareg's traditional Libyco-Berber writing script, have been found on one of the ancient sepulchre's walls.

External accounts of interaction with the Tuareg are available from at least the 10th century. Ibn Hawkal (10th century), El-Bekri (11th century), Edrisi (12th century), Ibn Batutah (14th century), and Leo Africanus (16th century), all documented the Tuareg in some form, usually as Mulatthamin or “the veiled ones.” Of the early historians, fourteenth century Arab scholar, Ibn Khaldûn probably has some of the most detailed commentary on the life and people of the Sahara, though he apparently never actually met them. Some studies have linked the Tuareg to early ancient Egyptian civilization

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Britcon 2018 - 202 Touraeg
5 warriors on camels Chameau moyen impétueux
4 warriors on foot Fantassin moyen impétueux
2 camel scouts Chameau léger arc
4 javelinmen Infanterie légère javelot
2 javelinmen Javelinier
5 warriors on camels Chameau moyen impétueux
2 Camel scouts Chameau léger arc
4 warriors on foot Fantassin moyen impétueux

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