Warring States

Historical Overview Section

The warring States period in China lasted for some 250 years and ended up with the State of Qin becoming disproportionately powerful compared to the other six states. As a result, the policies of the six states became overwhelmingly oriented towards dealing with the Qin threat, either to form an alliance with each other to repel Qin expansionism or trying to form an alliance with Qin to participate in its ascendancy. Qin then defeated the states one by one.

  • In 316 BCE, Qin conquered the Shu area.
  • In 312 BCE, the Chu King Huai attacked Qin due to a perceived abrogation of a treaty by Qin. Qin had taken more land than agreed to by Chu. Qin defeated Chu's attack at the Battle of Danyang.
  • Around 300 BCE, Qi was almost totally annihilated by a coalition of five states led by Yue Yi of Yan (Qin were among those five). Although under General Tian Dan Qi managed to recover their lost territories, it would never be a great power again. Yan was also too exhausted afterwards to be of much importance in national affairs after this campaign.
  • In 293 BCE the Battle of Yique against Wei and Han resulted in victory for Qin. This effectively removed Wei and Han threat to further Qin aspirations.
  • In 278 BCE, Qin attacked Chu and managed to capture their capital city, Ying, forcing the Chu king to move eastwards to Shouchun. This campaign virtually destroyed Chu's military might, although they recovered sufficiently to mount serious resistance against Qin 50 years later.
  • In 260 BCE, the Battle of Changping was fought between Qin and Zhao, resulting in a catastrophic defeat for the latter. Although both sides were utterly exhausted after the titanic clash, Zhao, unlike Qin, could not recover after the event.
  • In about 50 years Qin superiority was secure, thanks to its powerful military and, in part, constant feuding between the other states.

Despite its military strength, the Qin Dynasty did not last long. When the first emperor died in 210 BC (and was buried with his Terracotta Army), his son was placed on the throne by two of the previous emperor's advisers, in an attempt to influence and control the administration of the entire country through him. They squabbled among themselves, however, which resulted in both their deaths and that of the second Qin emperor. Popular revolt broke out a few years later, and the weakened empire soon fell to a Chu lieutenant, who went on to found the Han Dynasty.

Using the army in ADLG

  • Heavy Chariots are very tasty, especially if you can squeeze them into a biblical theme - but they are best going straight forwards
  • Massed 2HCW will also intimidate many opponents
  • Support at +1 is probably not worth investing in unless you have a few spare points

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Army Lists

Sample army lists for this army
80 Warring States
USTT 2018 200ap
4 Heavy chariot impact Elite 13 52
4 Medium cavalry crossbow Ordinary 9 36
Competent Unreliable
2 Heavy swordsmen 2HW Ordinary 9 18
2 Medium swordsmen 2HW Ordinary 8 16
3 Crossbow Mediocre 5 15
1 Light infantry bow Ordinary 4 4
Competent Unreliable
4 Heavy swordsmen 2HW Ordinary 9 36
2 Medium swordsmen 2HW Ordinary 8 16
1 Light infantry bow Ordinary 4 4

300 Points
1 Horde
2 Elite HCh, including one General
3 Mediocre Bow
2 LH Bow
2 LF Bow
4 Elite MF Sword Impact
Brilliant General
4 HI Elite Impact Sword
2 HCh Elite
3 LF Bow
Competent General
4 HI Elite Impact Sword
2 HCh Elite
3 LF Bow
Competent General

200 Points from The Worlds 2016
2 LH Bow
5 Medium Sword, Impact Elite
2 Levy
Competent Unreliable General
5 HI, 2HCW, Elite
2 Bow
3 LI Bow
Brilliant General
3 Chariots, Impact Elite
1 LH Bow
Included Competent General

200 Points
======Competent General
6 Infantry Heavy swordsmen 2HW ------
3 Light infantry Bow Light infantry bow ------
2 Archers and crossbowmen Crossbow Mediocre
======Ordinary General
2 Horsemen Heavy cavalry ------
2 Light Cavalry Bow Light cavalry bow ------
2 Heavy Chariots Heavy chariot impact Elite
======Competent General
1 Heavy Chariots Heavy chariot impact ----
2 Light Cavalry Bow Light cavalry bow
2 Fanatical warriors Medium swordsmen impetuous Elite
1 Infantry Medium swordsmen 2HW ----
1 Heavy Chariots Heavy chariot impact Elite

200 Point List
====Competent General
4 Nobles in chariots Heavy chariot impact Elite
2 Bow skirmishers Light infantry bow ------
2 Light cavalry Light cavalry bow ------
=====Competent general
4 Elite heavy infantry Heavy swordsmen impact Elite
1 Javelin skirmishers Light infantry javelin ------
2 Crossbow skirmishers Light infantry bow ----
3 Levies Levy ------
=====Competent General
4 Elite medium infantry Medium swordsmen impact Elite
2 Archers Bowmen ------

200 Point List
4 4 Horse Chariots Heavy chariot impact Elite 13
2 Light cavalry Bow Light cavalry bow ------ 6
3 Horsemen Medium cavalry crossbow
3 Light cavalry Bow Light cavalry bow
Quantity Troop description Troop type
6 Infantry Medium swordsmen 2HW
3 Crossbowmen Crossbowmen
1 Light cavalry Bow Light cavalry bow
1 Light Infantry Light infantry bow

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