Warfare 2005 Day 2

Day 2 sees me play another Phyrric  This time the terrain falls far more favorably for me, despite forgetting that Carthage doesn't have steep hills and the table is largely open except for a mountain on the Phyrric right which has "Please Anchor Your Pike Line Here" marked on it in much the same way as the "HOLLYWOOD" sign looms over Sunset Strip.

The Phyrric general takes advantage of this natural fortress, and so do the Carthaginians, screening off the half of the table with light horse from 2 commands, and loading the rest of the table with warband and elephants.

Phyrric auxilia rush forwards, hoping to engage the warband and buy time for the phalanx to push away my skirmish screen and crunch the cowardly spearmen

Both sides seem to fancy their chances and the battle lines meet quickly.

My warband and elephant line had just grazed the end of the phalanx - but Numidians from the CinC were needed to keep their attention focused to the front and make sure we were the turnees, not the turned in the game of flankarama.

The auxila proved no match for the Gallic and Celtiberian warband, who were urged on to victory by their brave general. Leading from the back. On a LH (O) element. Only this close to the battle because I forgot to hold him and he moved impetuously.

This is no longer possible under 3.1.




Finally, with their flank cover ripped to shreds, the Phyrric pikemen succumbed to a concerted warband attack in the flank.

An identical plan to the one I had used the game before had this time come off.

10-0 to the Carthos.

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