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The Aztec Empire, was an alliance of three Aztec city-states: Tenochtitlan; Texcoco; and Tlacopan. These city-states ruled the area in and around the Valley of Mexico from 1428 until they were defeated by the Spanish conquistadores and their native allies under Hernán Cortés in 1521.

The Aztec Triple Alliance was formed by Itzcoatl of Tenochtitlan, Acolhuacans of Texcoco, and the smaller city-state of Tlacopan in 1428. Despite the name, Tenochtitlan was the dominant partner, and Tlacopan the weakest. Tenochtitlan and Texcoco each received 2/5 of all tribute, and Tlacopan received 1/5. By the time the Spanish arrived in 1520, Tlacopan had nearly disappeared as a separate city-state, and the lands of the Alliance were ruled from Tenochtitlan.
At its height, the Alliance controlled most of central Mexico from coast to coast, except for a small area southeast of Tenochtitlan: the Tlaxcalan Confederacy roughly bounded by the modern-day Mexican state of Tlaxcala. It was the Tlaxcalan Confederacy who allied with Cortés in 1521 to ultimately destroy the Alliance.

The two primary architects of the Aztec empire were the half-brothers Tlacaelel and Montezuma I, nephews of Itzcoatl. Moctezuma I succeeded Itzcoatl as Hueyi Tlatoani in 1440. Tlacaelel reformed the Aztec state and religion and according to some sources, he ordered the burning of most of the extant Aztec books claiming that they contained lies. He thereupon rewrote the history of the Aztec people, thus creating a common awareness of history for the Aztecs. This rewriting led directly to the curriculum taught to scholars and promoted the belief that the Aztecs were always a powerful and mythic nation; forgetting forever a possible true history of modest origins. One component of this reform was the institution of ritual war (the flower wars) as a way to have trained warriors, and created the necessity of constant sacrifices to keep the Sun moving.

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3 Jaguar/Eagle Warriors 2HW Elite
2 Skirmishers
3 Otomi Mercenaries MF Impetuous
2 Warrior Priests, MF Impact Elite
4 Tepehlopiatchi Warriors Medium Sword Atl-Arl
3 Skirmishers
2 Cuachic Warriors, MF Impact Elite
4 Tepehlopiatchi Warriors Medium Sword Atl-Arl
3 Skirmishers

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