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The Buyids, also known as Buwayhids Buwaihids, Buyyids, or Āl-i Būya were an Iranian people who founded a Shi'a dynastic confederation of Persia from Daylaman, a region in northern Iran, on the southern shore of the Caspian Sea.

In pre-Islamic times they had served as mercenaries for the Sassanid Persian kings of Iran, but were independent from their rule. They were considered a formidable military force, especially because of their ability as foot soldiers. According to the Byzantine historians Procopius and Agathias, the Dailamites were a warlike people and skilled in close combat, being armed each with a sword, a shield and spears or javelins. They supported the rebellion of Bahram Chobin against Khosrau II, but he later employed an elite detachment of 4,000 Dailamites as part of his guard. The Sassanid general Wahriz, who was sent by Khosrau I in 570 to capture Yemen, was also probably of Dailamite descent, and his troops included Deilamites, who would later play a significant role in the conversion of Yemen to the nascent Islam. The Dailami were the only peoples the ((Arab Conquest) didn't manage to conquer, although they did convert to Islam. According to the historian al-Tabari, the Dailamites, along with the Turks, were considered the worst enemies of the Muslims ans the Abbasid Arab caliphate skirmished but still failed to conquer the mountainous territory of Daylam.

During the 900s, Buwayhid dynasties took power away from the Abbasid Arab Caliphate in Fars (southwestern Iran, 934-1062); Rayy (977-1029); Jibal (932-1028); Kerman (936-1048). From 945-1055, a Buwayhid dynasty ruled Baghdad and most of Iraq. The Būyid army consisted of their fellow Dailamite Iranians, who served as foot soldiers, and of the Turkish cavalry that had played a prominent role in the 'Abbāsid military. The Dailamites and Turks often quarreled with each other in an attempt to be the dominant force within the army.

During the mid-1000s, the Buwayhid dynasties all fell to the Ghaznavids and the Seljuk Turk dynasty & their allies.

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200AP list used at Derby 2017
3 Dailami Medium swordsmen impact missile support Elite
1 elephant Elephant ------
2 other dailami light infantry bow ------
1 bowmen bowmen ------
1 Dailami medium swordsmen impact Elite
Ordinary Included
3 ghulam Heavy cavalry bow Elite
2 bedouin light cavalry impact ------
Competent Included
3 dailami Medium swordsmen impact missile support Elite
1 bowmen bowmen ------
2 ghulam heavy cavalry bow elite
1 bedouin light cavalry impact ----

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