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The Second Punic War (218 BC - 201 BC) is most remembered for the Carthaginian Hannibal's crossing of the Alps. He and his army invaded Italy from the north and resoundingly defeated the Roman army in several battles, but never achieved the ultimate goal of causing a political break between Rome and its allies. The Third Punic War (149 BC - 146 BC) involved an extended siege of Carthage, ending in the city's thorough destruction

Using the army in ADLG

  • very tricky army to use, with apparently no super unit upon which to rely. On the other hand, a lot of units can be useful, and you need to learn how to use them wisely to achieve control over the battlefield.
  • You have a lot of leadership points, and up to 6 light horses, not bad if you want to get the initiative. Should you get it, you could go straight at the opponent's throat with your light troups, to stop his strategic mouvement, while you do yours.
  • Should you defend, you can delay your opponent with your mounted force.
  • Your cavalry is not first rate, but up to 6 elite horse can be interesting. Remember, they can evade, and then charge should the right opportunity arise.
  • The medium foot, at least the mercenaries, are interesting. You can go for the impetuous (deadly but not easy to manage), or the impact version, especially if you choose Hannibal in Italy. They are both fast and efficient.
  • What to do about mediocre elephants? Well you can send them to the scrape yard if you want, but remember, they can be really useful against cavalry, even if mediocre. Come on, a +2 for the first round of melee against mounted, and support to the infantry?
  • Your light foot is very interesting, up to 10 elite skirmishers if you choose to do so! Unbeatable in the terrain!
  • So remember. You have to manoeuvre as much as possible to get a superiority somewhere.


  • Syracusan before 235BC: More heavy spearmen, some cavalry and skirmishers... Not that interesting
  • Sicilian Greek before 235BC: once again, more spearmen, but you can have them as mediocre. Might be tempting against a mounted army...
  • Iberian from 235 to 201BC: well, you can have a lot of heavy or medium impetuous foot, with a bit of cavalry and light horse... Is it worth it? Well, think about it, if you choose this ally, and take other impetuous units from your core army, and a bit of cavalry, light horse and skirmishers, you will get... an Ancient Spanish army, but with much more command points!
  • Campanians, Lucanian... when in Italy: a bit of horse, heavy spearmen and impact foot if you choose Campanians, too predictable IMHO. Mediumm footmen? You already have some, up to 8 impact! Why bother.
  • Numidian allies: more LH, skirmishers, javelinmen, et one more mediocre elephant... Doesn't sound groovy, but if you look carefully at your core army, you could morph your army into a Numidian one, with loads of LH, cavalry, light foot, a bit of heavy foot just in case, and 4 elephants plus loads of commands points! Might be tempting

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Army Lists

John Hogans list v4 from 3Ts York 2021
1 HCv Elite Included Ordinary
1 LH Numidian
Brilliant General
2 Poor Elephants
4 Medium Gauls
2 LI Javelin
1 LI Sling Elite
1 Poor Elephant
3 Armoured Spear
3 Spanish Impact MF
2 GallicImpetuous MF
4 LI Javelin
1 LH Numidian
1 HCV Elite
1 Javelinmen

Sample army lists for this army
Podcast Lists
Ordinay Included
2 HC Elite
2 Numidians LH Elite
6 Gallic Foot Impetuous
6 Numidan LF Elite
2 Spanish MF Impact Sword
3 Baleric LF Sling
Ordinary Included Unreliable
4 Numidian LH Javelin
2 Gallic MCv

Daves List
3 gallic warriors heavy swordsmen impact ------
2 african spearmen heavy spearmen armour ------
1 light foot bow light infantry bow ------
2 campanians heavy swordsmen impact ------
1 spanish javelinman light infantry javelin elite
1 elephants Elephant Mediocre
2 spanish scutarii medium swordsmen impact ------
2 balearic slingers light infantry sling elite
2 punic cavalry heavy cavalry elite
2 numidians light cavalry javelin elite
3 gallic warriors medium swordsmen impact
2 ligurians javelinmen

Tommys List
2 numidian light horse light cavalry javelin
1 numidian light horse light cavalry javelin
3 elephants Elephant Mediocre
3 gauls medium swordsmen impetuous ------
2 libyians light infantry javelin elite
4 african spearmen heavy spearmen ------
4 balearic slingers light infantry sling elite
Brilliant Ally (Numidian)
1 elephant Elephant Mediocre
2 ligurians javelinmen ------
2 numidian horse light cavalry javelin elite
2 numidian horse light cavalry javelin ----

Andy's List
3 Veteran Spear Armour Elite
1 Gaul Impact Hvy Sword
2 Campanian Armoured Sword Impact
1 MCv
1 Ligurian Med Sword
1 Baleric Slinger
1 Elite nUmidian LF
Competent Unreliable
2 HCv Elite
2 MCv
2 Numidians LH Elite
1 Elephant mediocre
2 Gallic Med Sword Impact
2 LF javelin
1 Baleric Sling Elite

Tims List
Ordinary Included
2 Gallic HCv
2 Gallic MCv Elite
2 NUmidians
1 Javelinman
2 Campanians Armoured Hvy Sword
2 Gails Hvy Sword Impact
1 Elephant Crappy
2 Gauls Med Sw Impact
2 LF Javelin
1 Gallic Sword Impact
2 Guardsmen Hvy Sp Armour Elite
1 Numidan LH
2 Gallic MCv Elite
1 LF Javelin

6 African Spears
2 Ligurian Javelinmen
2 Numidian LF Javelin
2 Elite Punic HC
2 Numidian LH
2 Punic MCv
3 Elephants Mediocre
4 Scutarii Impact Sword
3 LF Javelin

Adam's List
4 Upgraded African Spearmen Armour Elite
2 Campanian Hvy Swd Armour Impact
2 Scutarii Med Sw Impact
3 Caetrati LF Javelin
1 Baleric Slinger LF Sling
2 Gallic MCv
2 NUmidians
4 Gallic Foot Med Sw Impact
Ordinary Included
2 Gallic MCv
2 Numidians

55 Carthaginian USTT 2020
Hannibal - Strategist
4 Spanish Cavalry Medium cavalry Elite
2 Numidian Light cavalry javelin Light cavalry javelin ------
2 Spanish cavalry Heavy cavalry Elite
6 African spearmen Heavy spearmen
1 Numidian Light infantry javelin Light infantry javelin
3 Numidian Light infantry javelin Light infantry javelin Elite
3 Elephant Elephant Mediocre
2 Spanish scutarii Medium swordsmen impact ----

Avignon 2019 - Hubert
3 Armoured Elite Spear
3 Regularized HI Gallic Swordsmen
1 LH Javelin
2 LF Javelin
1 Strategist
1 Javelinman
1 HCv Elite + General
2 LH Jave;lin
2 MCv Elite
1 Mediocre Elephant
1 Javelinman
3 Med Sword Impact
2 LF Javelin
1 LF Sling Elite
Brilliant General

Conclave 2018, Limerick
6 HI Warband
4 Light Horse
2 Elephants (I)
3 Impact Spanish
Competent General
3 LI Javelins
2 LH Elite
3 HCav
Brilliant General
2 HI Spear
2 Other Things

200AP USTT 2018
3 Elephants Mediocre
2 Numidian Cavalry, javelin Elite
2 Spanish Scutarii, impact Ordinary
2 Gallic Warriors, impetuous Average
4 Javelinmen Ordinary
Comp, Unreliable
2 African Spearmen Average HI
4 Gallic Warriors, impetuous Average HI
2 Javelinmen Average LI
Spanish Competent Ally
2 Iberian Scutarii, impetuous Elite MI
2 Iberian Scutarii, impetuous Ordinary MI
4 Caetrati, javelin Ordinary LI

200 Points

  • 2 Heavy Cavalry Heavy cavalry Elite
  • 1 Medium Cavalry Medium cavalry Elite
  • 1 Elephant Elephant Mediocre
  • 2 Numidians Light cavalry javelin Elite
  • 2 Numidians Light cavalry javelin ----


  • 4 African Spearmen Heavy spearmen ------
  • 2 Celtiberians Heavy swordsmen impetuous ------
  • 3 Javelinmen Light Infantry Javelin ------


  • 2 Spanish Scutarii Medium Swordsmen Impact ----
  • 3 Gauls Medium Swordsmen Impetuous ------
  • 2 Slingers Light Infantry Sling Elite
  • 1 Elephant Elephant Mediocre

200 points

  • 2 Punic Cavalry Heavy cavalry Elite
  • 4 Spanish Cavalry Medium cavalry Elite
  • 2 Numidian Light Cavalry Light cavalry javelin ------


  • 6 African Spearmen Heavy spearmen
  • 2 Numidian Javelins Light infantry javelin


  • 2 Spanish Scutari Medium swordsmen impact
  • 5 Gallic Warriors Medium swordsmen impetuous
  • 2 Numidian Javelins Light infantry javelin

200 Points: Hannibal in Italy, based on my list used at Aniche

  • Corps 1: Brilliant general
  • 1 Mediocre elephant
  • 2 Spanish medium swordsmen impact
  • 4 Gallic medium swordsmen impact
  • 3 skirmishers javelin
  • 1 javelinmen

  • Corps 2: Brilliant general
  • 6 Light horse with javelin
  • 1 Heavy cavalry

  • Corps 3: Ordinary general
  • 2 Elite heavy spearmen armoured (the veterans)
  • 2 Heavy armoured impact swordsmen (Campanians)
  • 4 Elite Balearic slingers

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