Chinese North. and South. Dynasties

Historical Overview Section

The Northern and Southern dynasties was a period in the history of China that lasted from 420 to 589, following the tumultuous era of the Sixteen Kingdoms and the Wu Hu states. It is sometimes considered as the latter part of a longer period known as the Six Dynasties (220 to 589). Though an age of civil war and political chaos, it was also a time of flourishing arts and culture, advancement in technology, and the spread of Mahayana Buddhism and Daoism. The period saw large-scale migration of Han Chinese to the lands south of the Yangtze. The period came to an end with the unification of all of China proper by Emperor Wen of the Sui Dynasty

Notable technological advances occurred during this period. The invention of the stirrup during the earlier Jin dynasty (265–420) helped spur the development of heavy cavalry as a combat standard.

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Army Lists

Sample army lists for this army
200AP Cry Havoc 2018
2 Supported Spear
2 Supported 2HCW HI
2 LF Bow
1 Elite Cataphract
Ordinary general
LF Bow
LH Bow
2 Impact Elite Med Sw
1 Impetuous Sword
2 Bow
Competent Genneral
1 Supported 2HCW HI
2 Supported Spear
2 Bow
1 LF Bow
1 Cv Impact Elite HC
1 LH Bow
1 MCv Bow
Competent General

200AP list CLWC 2017
4 Heavy cavalry impact Elite
2 Light cavalry bow ------
4 Heavy swordsmen 2HW ------
2 Light infantry bow ------
2 Medium swordsmen impetuous Elite
3 Heavy swordsmen 2HW
3 Bowmen
3 Medium swordsmen impetuous

This is a 400 AP combines N Dynasties and Chiang army

  • 4 Elite Cats (including General)
  • 2 Med Inf Sw (HW)


  • 4 Cats including General (Elite)


  • 5 Hvy Weapon + Support
  • 2 Elite LC, Bw
  • 1 HC Impact

3 MCv

  • 6 2HCW foot

3 Elite Cats (inc General)
3 Ordinary Cats
5 LH Bw
3 MC Bow

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