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The Cilician Armenian Kingdom or Kingdom of Little Armenia was a state created by refugees who run away the Seldjuk invasion of Armenia. This kingdom was founded by the "Roupénide" dynasty, an Armenian family related to Bagratuni and Arçrouni kings, who reigned at various times on Armenia and Georgia.
This bastion of Eastern Christianity was a valuable ally for the Crusaders, and he was also the heart of nationalism and the Armenian culture, Armenia itself then being under foreign occupation.

Thus, alliances and collaborations between the Crusaders and Armenians were based on two principles : solidarity against a common enemy, and the mutual respect between the two peoples. Among the different Christian communities of the Middle East, the Armenians were the only ones recognize for their military valor and considered their equal by the Franks.

The arrival of the Crusaders was very helpful for Armenian lords of Cilicia, which began to yield to the pressure of the Seljuk Turks. The 13th century is the most flourishing century the Armenian kingdom of Cilicia. In the first third of the century, the king allows himself to intervene in the problems of succession of the principality of Antioch.

The arrival of the Mongols in Great Armenia in the 1230s will push the kingdom to put themselves voluntarily under their protectorate, rather than suffer the invasion. King Hethum will himself make the trip to the Mongolian khan to conclude a military alliance in 1250. In 1258, the Mongols seized Baghdad. This event announcement attack on Syria that will mark the end of the thirteenth century. The first attack took place in 1260. The Armenian kingdom sends troops participating in the taking of Aleppo and Damascus. The king managed to enlarge its territory by taking several strongholds of northern Syria by the Mongols.

In 1266, the Mamluks made their first foray into the Armenian kingdom. Their attacks follow one another and gradually deplete the kingdom. In 1375, at the time of Beyliks, the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia fell to the Turkish sultanates of Karamanid (west) and Ramadanid (east), then, after 1488, the Ottomans. The last Armenian king Leon VI, was captured in his capital Sis and taken prisoner in Cairo. The title of "King of Cilicia" then goes to the family of Lusignan, ruling over Cyprus.

Using the army in ADLG

  • The troops are very similar to the Later Crusaders, with powerfull impetuous knights, heavy spearmen and Military Orders mercenaries
  • You have two interesting allies avaiable : Seldjuk Turks or Mongols

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Army Lists

Sample army lists for this army
200 Points (23 elements)

  • Corps 1 - General ordinary & included

4 nobles : Medium impetuous Knigths elite (48)
2 bowmen : Light Infantry Bow (8)

  • Corps 2 - General competent

2 Armenian spearmen : Heavy Spearmen (16)
2 Armenian spearmen : Medium Spearmen (14)
1 Bedouins : Light Cavalry impact (6)
1 bowmen : Light Infantry Bow (4)
1 bowmen mediocre (5)
1 Mercenaries : Crossbowmen (7)
2 Hospitallers : Medium Knigths impact elite (26)

  • Corps 3 - Late Crusaders ally - General competent

2 Templars & Crusaders : Medium Knight impact elite (26)
1 Turcopole : Light Horse Bow (6)
2 Sergeants : Heavy armored Spearmen (20)
1 mixed : 1/2 Heavy spearmen 1/2 crossbowmen (10)
1 bowmen : Light Infantry Bow (4)

200 Points (Campaign 2017)
4 Spear
4 LF Bow
2 LH Impact
2 Elite Knights
4 Impetuous Elite Knights
Turkish Ally
3 HC Bow
2 MC Bow
2 LC Bow

200 Points (22 elements)

  • Corps 1 - General brilliant

4 nobles : Medium impetuous Knigths elite (48)
1 Bedouin : Light Horse impact (36)
2 bowmen : Light Infantry Bow (8)

  • Corps 2 - General competent

4 Armenian spearmen : Heavy Spearmen (32)
2 bowmen : Light Infantry Bow (8)
2 Frankish mercenaries : Armored Heavy spearmen (20)
2 Hospitallers : Medium Knigths impact elite (26)

  • Corps 3 - Seldjuk ally - General ordinary included

2 nobles : Heavy Cavalry Bow elite (26)
1 Turcomans : Medium Cavalry Bow average (9)
2 Turcomans : Light Horse Bow elite (14)

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