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The Kingdom of Commagene was an ancient Armenian kingdom of the Hellenistic period, located in and around the ancient city of Samosata, which served as its capital. The Iron Age name of Samosata, Kummuh, probably gives its name to Commagene.4 Commagene has been characterized as a "buffer state" between Armenia, Parthia, Syria, and Rome;5 culturally, it seems to have been correspondingly mixed. The Commagenian ruling family was closely related to the Orontid dynasty of Armenia. The territory of Commagene corresponds roughly to the modern Turkish provinces of Adıyaman and northern Antep.

Little is known of the region of Commagene prior to the beginning of the 2nd century BC. However, it seems that, from what little evidence remains, Commagene formed part of a larger state that also included the Kingdom of Sophene. This control lasted until c. 163 BC, when the local satrap, Ptolemaeus of Commagene, established himself as independent ruler following the death of the Seleucid king, Antiochus IV Epiphanes. The Kingdom of Commagene maintained its independence until 17 AD, when it was made a Roman province by Emperor Tiberius. It reemerged as an independent kingdom when Antiochus IV of Commagene was reinstated to the throne by order of Caligula, then deprived of it by that same emperor, then restored to it a couple of years later by his successor, Claudius. The reemergent state lasted until 72 AD, when the Emperor Vespasian finally and definitively made it part of the Roman Empire.

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Army Lists

Sample army lists for this army
USTT 2018 200ap
Competent Included
3, Xystophori, Cataphract, Elite
3, Bowmen, Bowmen, ------
1, Bowmen, Bowmen, Mediocre
4, Phalangite, Pikemen, ------
3, Galatians, Heavy swordsmen impetuous, Elite
1, Light Infintry Sling, Light infantry sling, ------
4, Horse Archers, Medium cavalry bow
2, Horse Archers, Light cavalry bow

200 Points
Maxime's list from Roll Call 2016
4 Macedonian* Pikemen
1 Thrace Medium swordsmen 2HW
2 Bowmen Bowmen
3 Light infantry bow Light infantry bow
1 Light infantry javelin Light infantry javelin
3 Bowmen on horses Medium cavalry bow
2 Bowmen on horses Light cavalry bow
3 Xystophoroi* Cataphract
2 Bowmen Bowmen
2 Thrace Medium swordsmen 2HW
1 Light infantry javelin Light infantry javelin

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