Early Carthaginian

Historical Overview Section

Carthage was founded in 814 BC by Phoenician settlers from the city of Tyre. Between 280 and 275 BC, the Phyrric army of Pyrrhus of Epirus fought Carthage in Sicily after he was asked to help free the island from Carthaginian dominance. The war ended inconclusively after the Sicilians decided Pyrrhus' rule was no better than Carthage.

The First Punic War (264 BC - 241 BC) was fought partly on land in Sicily and Africa, but was also a naval war to a large extent. The struggle was costly to both powers, but after more than 20 years of war, Rome emerged victorious

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Army Lists

Sample army lists for this army
Dave Saunders Warfare-winning list from 2016
3 heavy chariot heavy chariot impact elite
2 numidians light cavalry javelin ------
1 punic horse medium cavalry ------
1 heavy chariot heavy chariot impact ----
2 light foot light infantry javelin
6 african spearmen heavy spearmen
2 numidian light cavalry javelin
2 gauls medium swordsmen impetuous ------
2 spanish scutarii medium swordsmen impetuous ------
2 javelinmen javelinmen ----
1 balearic slingers light infantry sling elite
1 light foot light infantry javelin ----

200 Points
Corps 1 (Competent)

  • 4 Carthaginian Chariots Heavy chariot impact Elite
  • 4 Numidians Light cavalry javelin ------

Corps 2 (Ordinary)

  • 2 Sacred Band Heavy spearmen armour Elite
  • 6 African Spearmwen Heavy spearmen ------

Corps 3 (Brilliant)

  • 3 Ligurian Javelinmen Javelinmen ----
  • 2 Baleric Slingers Light infantry sling Elite
  • 3 Moorish Javelinmen Light infantry javelin ----

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