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In 718 AD the Battle of Covadonga marked the beginning of the Reconquista, or the Christian reconquest of the Iberian Peninsula.

Islamic Moors of the Umayyad Caliphate began the conquest of the Iberian Penisula in 711, destroying the Visigoth Kingdom and crossing the Pyrenees Mountains in southern France by 717. This overall Muslim invasion of Western Europe would reach its high water mark in 732 when the Umayyad Caliphate was defeated at the Battle of Tours.

The first reconquista kingdom, the Kingdom of Asturias was secured by King Alfonso II. By the time of El Cid the reconquista Kingdoms of Castile, Leon, Navarre, Galicia and Aragon would occupy what is now northern Spain.

Rodrigo Diaz, known as El Cid or El Campeador, was a knight under Ferdinand I of Leon, the first Emperor of Spain. When Ferdinand died in 1065 he divided his lands among his three sons into the Kingdoms of Castile, Leon and Galicia. El Cid went into the service of the eldest son, King Sancho II of Castile. While serving the Kingdom of Castile he expanded the realm at the expense of Sancho's brothers and Muslim neighbors.

But in 1072 Sancho was killed in a murder plot, and since he was heirless his brother, King Alfonso VI of Leon inherited Castile. El Cid forced Alfonso to swear publicly that he had no part in the murder of his brother, which he did. In 1081, likely due to Alfonso's distrust of El Cid, he was exiled and forced to find work fighting for Muslim rulers.

In 1094 El Cid conquered the City of Valencia and founded a kingdom. He ruled this kingdom until his death in 1099, resisting renewed Muslim invaders in the form of Berbers.

The christian kingdoms in time consolidated into three Kingdoms, the Kingdom of Castile, the Kingdom of Portugal and the Kingdom of Aragon. By 1340 only the Emirate of Grenada remained on the southern edge of Spain.

While the reconquista may seem like a purely Muslim versus Christian conflict there was anything but unification between the rulers of the two religions. Shifting alliances were common and at times Muslim and Christians allied with each other.

Using the army in ADLG

  • The Caballeros move faster than medium Knights, which can be decisive in some situations
  • Impact foot for the Almughavars in this period or they get squashed by Knights
  • With lots of shooty stuff around, the Spearmen will need to be well screened by LI
  • Javelinmen can nip round enemy flanks if they get a chance
  • You'll need decent generals with the Impetuous knights, which leaves the rest of your army a bit pedestrian.. so maybe just accepting that the Impetuous Knights will hit whatever they are in front of is OK?

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Army Lists

Sample army lists for this army

148 Feudal Spanish Baby Boomers
4 Hidalgos Medium Knight impetuous Elite
1 Jinetes Light cavalry javelin ------
2 Military Order knights Medium Knight impact Elite
2 Hidalgos Medium Knight impetuous ------
1 Jinetes Light cavalry javelin Elite
2 Crossbowmen Crossbow ------
3 Almughavars Medium swordsmen impact Elite
2 LI Javelinmen Light infantry javelin ------
4 Spearmen Heavy spearmen Mediocre
2 Slingers Light infantry sling

Britcon 2018 148 Feudal Spanish
Competent Included
3 Knights medium knight impetuous Elite
1 knight medium knight impetuous ------
1 Jinete light cavalry javelin ------
1 Jinete light cavalry javelin Elite
3 Knights medium knight impetuous Elite
1 knight medium knight impetuous ------
1 Jinete light cavalry javelin ------
1 Jinete light cavalry javelin Elite
2 crossbowmen crossbowmen ----
3 almughavars medium swordsmen impact elite
1 light foot javelin light infantry javelin ------
1 javelinmen javelinmen ----
2 Knights of Military orders medium knight impact elite

Patras 200 2018
2 HI Spear & Support
3 Crossbow Pavise
1 Almughavar
Ordinary general
2 Impetuous Knights Elite
3 LH Javelin
2 Ordinary Impetuous Knights
Included Competent General
2 Impact Elite Knights
3 LH Javelins
3 Almughavars
1 Javelinman
Competent General

200 point list
Army no 148 Feudal Spain 1201 AD
Corps 1
Brilliant commander @6pts
Four medium knights elite @48pts
Two jinetes elite@ 14 pets
Corps 2
Competant commander@3pts
Four almughavars, medium sword impact elite@40 pts
Two javelinmen Light infantry@8 pts
Four crossbow units with pavices @32 pts
Corps 3
Ordinary commander
Five Spanish heavy spear @40 points
Two archers light infantry @8pts
199 points

300 poimt list
Ally Brilliant
Qty Troop description Troop type Quality
6 Almughavars medium spearmen elite
3 light infantry bow light infantry bow ------
1 Feudal Knight medium knight impetuous elite
2 Berber Cavalry light cavalry javelin ----
1 Aragonese Cavalry light cavalry impact ----
1 Competent Commander
1 Jinete
4 HC Impetuous
1 Competent general
1 javelinman
1 Bowman
2 Crossbowmen
5 Almighavars, Impact Sword
1 LI Javelin
1 Ordinary General
2 Bowmen
1 Supported Spearman
4 Normal Spearmen
2 Armoured Religious Spearmen
2 LI Sling
1 LI Bow
1 Javelinman

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