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During the period of the Roman wars, Gaul (Gallia) was the Roman name for the region of Western Europe comprising northern Italy, France, Belgium, western Switzerland and the parts of the Netherlands and Germany on the west bank of the River Rhine. In English, the word Gaul (French:Gaulois) may also refer to an inhabitant of that region, although the expression may be used more generally for all ancient speakers of the Gaulish language (a derivative of early Celtic) who were widespread in Europe and extended even into central Anatolia by Roman times.

Gauls under Brennus sacked Rome circa 390 BC. In the Aegean world, a huge migration of Eastern Gauls appeared in Thrace, north of Greece, in 281 BC. Another Gaulish chieftain also named Brennus, at the head of a large army, was only turned back from desecrating the Temple of Apollo at Delphi in Greece at the last minute — he was alarmed, it was said, by portents of thunder and lightning. At the same time a migrating band of Celts, some 10,000 warriors, with their women, children, slaves, chickens, geese, several fairly impressive collections of hand crafted cafetieres and a suite of wicker garden furniture, and were moving through Thrace. Three tribes of Gauls crossed over from Thrace to Asia Minor at the express invitation of Nicomedes I, king of Bithynia (which was a small geographical location just south of the Bosphorus and the Euxine (Black Sea) in the northern area of modern-day Turkey, i.e just south and southeast of the latter-day city of Constantinople, or modern-day Istanbul), who required help in a dynastic struggle against his brother. Eventually they settled down in eastern Phrygia and Cappadocia in central Anatolia, a region henceforth known as the Galatians

Using the army in ADLG

  • Not subtle, and depends heavily on terrain and stoving in the enemy flanks through rough terrain - although sometimes a frontal heroic charge can be effective with Furious Charge
  • Light Chariots unfortunately are essentially the same as crap medium cavalry. And Medium Cavalry are already pretty crap
  • Letting your troops go Impetuous at more than 1MU from the enemy is to be avoided at all costs as this will blunt their only potent weapon, their initial charge. Keeping a good skirmish screen will help avoid this

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