Gepid, Herul, Taifali and Sciri

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This list covers an assortment of Germanic tribes who collected initially on the borders of the Roman Empire in the former province of Dacia, before, over a long period, moving into the Roman Empire as foederati or laeti, barbarian tribes allowed to settle within the empire in return for providing troops to defend it in times of need. There is considerable debate whether these tribal titles represent distinct ethnic groups or, perhaps, more ad hoc political and military confederations drawn from mixed tribal groups.

Byzantine historians record that the Gepids shared the main cultural features of the Goths and Vandals, language, religion and even physical appearance ("white bodies and blond hair"). Initially appearing on the stage of history in the third century, they at first became part of the Hunnic Empire. After the death of Attila, they rebelled, asserting their independence and carving out a kingdom for themselves in the region of modern Romania and Hungary. Although it was an important kingdom in its time, eventually conflict with the Lombards and Byzantines ground the Gepids down and they were overrun by the Avars in 567 CE.

The Heruli are

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