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Whilst the list covers North Indian states from 500-1500 AD, this army is most often used in its Rajput incarnation. Northern India had long borne the brunt of incursions from western armies heading east via Pakistan and Afghanistan leading to a somewhat militarized society capable fo resisting the many Southern Indian kingdoms attempts exert control over the area.

The Rajputs
The first Rajput kingdoms date back to the 7th century, however it was during the 9th to 11th centuries that the Rajputs rose to prominence. This was just in time to be ready to take on the Moslem invasion which had been gathering pace since the death of the Muhammad (PBUH) in 632 when the caliph Uthman sent a sea expedition to raid Thana and Broach on the Bombay coast. Within a hundred years after Muhammad's death, Arab Conquest and Umayyad Arab Muslim armies had overrun much of Asia as far as the Hindu Kush; however, it was not until c.1000 CE that they established any foothold in India through the repeated invasions of the Ghaznavid dynasty and also the Ghurid Afghans - although rampant internecine conflict among Rajput kingdoms was a frequent cause of the victories of the invaders.

Eventually the Rajputs lost territory - notably Delhi - to the Moslem Indian Sultanates?, and saw their power base reduced to their northern homelands. However they continued their martial tradition, and were in continual warfre even as the Mughal Empire spread across much of India.

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200 Points
Cry Havoc 2018
3 Impetuous HC Elite
2 Bowmen
1 LF javelin
Ordinary General
2 Elite Elephants
2 Bowmen (one Medoicre)
3 LF Bow
2 Horde
3 Impetuous MF Swordsmen
1 LH camels Impact
1 Medium Spear
Brilliant General
3 Elite HC Impetous
1 Normal HC Impetuous Included General

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