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In the early 160s Tanshihuai, an illegitimate son of a low ranking military officer managed to unify all the XHsiung-Nu tribes under his rule in a confederacy against the Han court. His rebellion spanked the Three Kingdoms Chinese and although Tanshihuai's empeire was short lived, the damage it did to the Chinese Empires led ultimately to their dissolution and eventual replacement by the Chinese Northern and Southern Dynasties including the Wei and others.

Using the army in ADLG

  • Very difficult not to go for the Mu-jung Cataphract option here - the other one is extremely generic
  • The Chinag & Ti ally is rather bitty with a lot of disparate compulsory troops, so maybe just stick with what this army is good at and go with 2 big Cataphract commands and a load of Medium & LH with bow to support them.
  • The Chinese 2HW men are mediocre, but also do have 2HW which is great against spearmen and pikes in particular. They also give the army a bit of an anchor, and with only 8 possible cataphracts in the main list that could be useful.

15mm Manufacturers supplying figures for this army

These chaps are fairly typical nomads - maybe a mix of Mongol types, and some early Tibetans for the cataphracts ?

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