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The 25th dynasty was a line of rulers originating in the Nubian Kingdom of Kush and most saw Napata as their spiritual homeland. They reigned in part or all of Ancient Egypt from 760 BC to 656 BC. The dynasty began with Kashta's invasion of Upper Egypt and culminated in several years of war with the Neo-Assyrian Empire. The 25th's reunification of Lower Egypt, Upper Egypt, and Kush created the largest Egyptian empire since the New Kingdom Egyptians were kicking around on their souped up chariots.

They had some really cool kings with well badmash names such as Shabaka who conquered the entire Nile valley, including Upper and Lower Egypt, around 710 BC, Shebitku king of Egypt by 707/706 BC, Taharqa (known as "The Otter") and his successors onward who were driven back into Nubia, at first by the Assyrians under King Esarhaddon , then by the kings of the Twenty-Sixth Dynasty, and Tantamani who reoccupied all of Egypt including Memphis. Necho I, the Assyrians' representative, was killed in Tantamani's campaign. In reaction, the Assyrians returned to Egypt in force, defeated Tantamani's army in the Delta and advanced as far as south as Thebes, which they sacked. The Assyrian reconquest effectively ended Nubian control over Egypt although Tantamani's authority was still recognised in Upper Egypt until his 8th year. In 656 BC, Psamtik I's navy peacefully took control of Thebes and effectively unified all of Egypt. Tantamani died later and was buried with full honors in the royal cemetery of el-kurru upstream from the Kushite capital Napata.

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  • A surprisingly decent army, and a good way to eke out more use from your NKE figures
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