Later Byzantine

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In 1204, Byzantine emperor Alexius V Ducas Murtzouphlos fled Constantinople after French crusaders invaded the city. Theodore I Lascaris, the son-in-law of Emperor Alexius III Angelus, was proclaimed emperor, but he too fled, to the city of Nicaea in Bithynia. Nicaea as the closest of the successor Byzantine states to Byzantium then attempt to re-establish the Byzantine Empire, although they lost to the Latin Greece state at Poemanenum and Prusa in 1204, but then capture much of northwestern Anatolia after the Latin Emperor Baldwin I had to defend against invasions from Kaloyan the Middle Bulgarian. Theodore also defeated an army from Trebizond, as well as other minor rivals, and in 1206 proclaimed himself emperor at Nicaea. Numerous truces and alliances were formed and broken over the next few years, as the Byzantine successor states, the Latin Greece Empire, the Middle Bulgarians, and the Seljuk Turks of Iconium (whose territory also bordered Nicaea) fought each other. Theodore died in 1222 to be succeeded by his son-in-law John III Ducas Vatatzes. John III expanded his territory to the shores of the Aegean and 1235 allied with Ivan Asen II the Middle Bulgarian. In 1242, the ilkhanid Mongols invaded Seljuk Turk territory to the east of Nicaea, eliminating the Seljuk threat to Nicaea and allowing John to ally with the Holy Roman Empire, defeated the Middle Bulgarians and surround the Empire of Latin Greece. John III’s son faced new invasions from the Bulgarians in Thrace, but successfully defended the territory. Epirus was revolting and allied with Manfred of Sicily. In 1258 general Michael Palaeologus became regent, then proclaimed himself co-emperor (as Michael VIII) in 1259, and soon defeated a combined invasion by Manfred, the Despot of Epirus, and the Latin Prince of Achaea at the Battle of Pelagonia. In 1260, Michael began the assault on Constantinople itself, allied with Genoa. In July of 1261, as most of the Latin army was fighting elsewhere his general Alexius was able to convince the guards to open the gates of the city. Michael was recognized as emperor a few weeks later, restoring the Byzantine Empire. Achaea was soon recaptured, but Trebizond and Epirus remained independent Byzantine Greek states.

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200 Points 245 Later Byzantine : Empire of Nicacea USTT
2 Elite Impact Frankish Knights
4 Ordinary Impact Frankish Knights
2 LH Bow Elite varadiots
1 LH Bow Vlach
4 MCv Bow Pechenegs
3 LH Bow Pechenegs
Ordinary Included
5 Stratatoi Impact MCv
2 Infantry Bowmen
Fortified Camp

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