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When the Early Successors King Ptolemy IV Philopator of Egypt died in 204BC Philip V of Macedon and Antiochus the Great of the Seleucid Empire decided to carve up the Ptolemaic empire in a secret pact. Philip hoovered up several Hellenistic Greek city states, worrying the Pergamon forces prompting them to appeal to the Republican Romans for help. The Romans saw their chance, and tried to drum up support amongst the Hellenistic Greek states for Roman intervention, although most decided to wait and see who might win before committing. A Roman general Flamininus led a vigorous Republican Roman campaign against Philip in 198 whilst the Hellenistic Greek cities of the Achaean League (traditionally favourable to Macedon) were busy with their war against Hellenistic Greek Sparta, and the Roman success brought many of them to the Roman side.

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