Medieval Scandinavian

Historical Overview Section

Following the end of the 11th century, Denmark underwent a transition from a decentralized realm with a weak and semi-elected royal institution and little to no nobility, into a realm which more reflected European feudalism, with a powerful king ruling through an influential nobility. A high point was reached during the reign of Valdemar II, who led the formation of a Danish "Baltic Sea Empire", which by 1221 extended control from Estonia in the east to Norway in the north. During the reign of Valdemar IV and his daughter Margrethe I, the realm was re-invigorated and following the Battle of Falköping, Margrethe I had her sister's son, Eric of Pomerania crowned King of Denmark, Norway and Sweden after the signing of the union charter of Kalmar (The Kalmar Union), Trinity Sunday 1397. Much of the next 125 years of Scandinavian history revolves around this union, with Sweden breaking off and being re-conquered repeatedly.

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Army Lists

Sample army lists for this army
221 Med Scandinavia (Villany) USTT 2020
3 Knights Heavy knight impetuous Elite
2 Hvy Cav Heavy cavalry firearm ------
1 Crossbowmen Crossbowmen ------
1 LI Crossbow Light infantry crossbow ------
2 German Knights Heavy knight impact
2 German Mercs Heavy swordsmen armour 2HW
2 Obudshaer Mixed ½ Heavy swordsmen ½ Crossbowmen + Pavise
2 Obudshaer mixed ½ Heavy swordsmen ½ Crossbowmen + Pavise
2 Obudshaer Medium swordsmen 2HW
2 LI Firearms Light infantry firearm

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