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Post-Roman Britain saw Wales take on a separate identity beyond the borders of England, as a series of semi-independant kingdoms eventually united under Owain Gwynedd (1100-1170) - the first Welsh ruler to use the title princeps Wallensium (prince of the Welsh). This independance was shattered by Edward I's late C13 invasion, leading to the construction of the great stone castles of Beaumaris, Caernarfon, and Conwy to control the principality and overshadow the Welsh royal home and headquarters Garth Celyn, Aber Garth Celyn, on the north coast of Gwynedd.

There was no major uprising except that led by Owain Glyndŵr a century later, against Henry IV of England. In 1404 Owain was reputedly crowned Prince of Wales in the presence of emissaries from France, Spain and Scotland; he went on to hold parliamentary assemblies at several Welsh towns, including Machynlleth. The rebellion was ultimately to founder, however, and Owain went into hiding in 1412, with peace being more or less restored in Wales by 1415.

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Painting and collecting the army

  • Owain's army was essentuially that of a marcher lord with plenty of hangers on. The better troops would look much like any other English army of the time. The spearmen on the other hand were very much less formally equipped.
  • Owain's personal arms were quartered, with lion rampant (facing left) red on gold top left and bottom right, gold on red top right and bottom left.

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