Saitic Egyptian

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The Twenty-sixth Dynasty of Egypt was the last native dynasty to rule Egypt before the Early Achaemenid Persian conquest in 525 BC (although others followed). The Dynasty's reign (c. 685-525 BC) is also called the Saite Period after the city of Sais, where its pharaohs had their capital.

The Dynasty really started to rock and roll under Psamtik I who was recognized as sole king over all of Egypt after the Neo-Assyrian Empire invasion. Whilst the Neo-Assyrian Empire was preoccupied with revolts and civil war over control of the throne, Psamtik threw off his ties to the Assyrians, and formed alliances with Gyges, king of the Lydians and recruited Classical Greek mercenaries to resist further attacks from the Neo-Assyrian Empire. With the sack of Nineveh by the median, Skythian or Saka, and Neo-Babylonian Empire? in 612 BC and the resulting fall of the Neo-Assyrian Empire, both Psamtik and his successors attempted to reassert Egyptian power in the Near East, but were driven back by armies of the Neo-Babylonian Empire? under Nebuchadrezzar II. With the help of Greek mercenaries, Apries was able to hold back attempts by the Neo-Babylonian Empire? to conquer Egypt, but it was the Early Achaemenid Persians who conquered Egypt, and their king Cambyses II carried Psamtik III to Susa in chains.

Using the army in ADLG

  • The lists almost accidentally describe the horsemen as 'horsemeat' when suggesting upgrading them, and with only Medium Cavalry allowed this is rather more true than perhaps intended. Take this as a Heavy Chariot list with some hard-core foot and you should do better than using it as LH and Mediocre MF
  • The allied contingent of Cyrenean Greeks allows you to sneak in a couple more (non-IMpact) HCh, and still take the same number of HI Spearmenh as in the core list
  • 6 Mediocres is a lot of padding though - 30 points that will go down like tissue paper against most things they will meet. Keep them together maybe, and hope to find a hill to sit atop

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Army Lists

Sample army lists for this army
"12 Hoplites" Podcast List
Competent Included
2 Elite HChImpact
1 LH javelin Egyptian
2 Nubian LF Bow
2 Menfat Mediocre Hoplites
1 Scythian MCv Bow
2 HCh Impact Elite
4 Menfat Mediocre
1 LH Javelin
2 Bowmen Mediocre
2 Guardsmen Elite Hoplites
2 Nubian LF Bow
1 Libyan LF javelin
Ordinary Included
4 Greek Armoured Hoplites

200 Points
Competent Included

  • 2 Heavy Chariots Impact Elite
  • 2 Skythian MCv Bow
  • 2 LF Bow


  • 2 LH Javelin
  • 2 Medium Spear Menfat
  • 2 Heavy Spear Menfat
  • 2 Mediocre Bow Menfat
  • 2 Heavy Chariots Impact Elite

Cyrenean Greek Competent Ally

  • 4 Armoured Hoplite Spearmen
  • 2 Heavy Chariots
  • 2 LF Javelin
  • 1 Javelinman

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