Spring and Autumn Chinese

Historical Overview Section

The Zhou dynasty lasted longer than any other dynasty in Chinese history—though the actual political and military control of China by the dynasty only lasted during the Western Zhou. The latter half of the Dynasty saw a decline in central authority ans is known as the The Eastern Zhou which has two sub periods. The first, from 722 to 481 BC, is called the Spring and Autumn Period, after a famous historical chronicle of the time;

Using the army in ADLG

  • This army can have more Heavy Chariots than almost any other - so maximising them may be a good idea.
  • The Jung Ally provides a susprising amount of Impetuous MF Swordsmen, which against some of the spear-right armies in this period can be surprisingly effective

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Army Lists

Sample army lists for this army

200 Points
3 x 4 Horse Chariots Heavy chariot impetuous Elite
2 x 4 Horse Chariots Heavy chariot impetuous ------
2 x Bowmen Bowmen ------
2x Halberdiers Medium swordsmen 2HW missile support
2 xMedium Spearmen Medium spearmen missile support ----
2 x Guardsmen with halberds Medium swordsmen 2HW Elite
2 x 4 Horse Chariots Heavy chariot impetuous
4 x Tribal warriors Medium swordsmen impetuous
1 x Halberdiers Medium swordsmen 2HW
1 x Light Infantry Light infantry bow

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