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This list covers loads of people, including some of the Mongols not covered by other lists. The most interesting others are The Uighurs - more properly called the On Uyghur Toquz-Oghuz Orkhon Khanate, the Uyghur Khaganate stretched from the Caspian Sea to Manchuria and lasted from 745 to 840 AD, administered from the imperial capital Ordu-Baliq, the first city built in Mongolia. During the imperial phase, the term Uyghur denoted any citizen of the Uyghur Khaganate, as opposed to the Uyghur tribe. In 840AD, following a famine and civil war, the Uyhgur Khaganate was overrun by the Kirghiz, another Turkic people. As a result the majority of tribal groups formerly under Uyghur control migrated to what is now northwestern China.

The Quarakhanids or the Karakhans (Great Khans) Dynasty was the westernmost of the three Uyghur successor states and ruled between 940–1212 in Turkistan and Maveraünnehir. They converted to Islam in 934 under the rule of Sultan Satuq Bughra Khan (920–956 AD). Together with the Samanids of Samarkand they considered themselves the defenders of Islam against the Buddhist Uyghurs. During this period mosques, schools, bridges, and caravansarais were constructed in the cities. Kashgar, Bukhara and Samarkand became centers of learning. After the rise of the Seljuk Turks in Iran, they became nominal vassals of the Seljuks as well. Finally all three states became vassals to Genghis Khan in 1209.

Using the army in ADLG

  • Attacking is always preferred. Attack in plains, rough terrain is not enough of a big deal.
  • Players without foot bows will learn why they want them.
  • Many steppe armies should be designed with a command that can flank march and you flank march A LOT with it.
  • LH are a bit iffy, and may run out of space. Top out around 6 or 7 LH.
  • MC is great when elite. You shouldn't plan to fight with it, but they are vicious shooting and with support often can hold up long enough to disengage. But if opponent doesn't have foot bows, then they are awesome.
  • MC charging you in flank are pretty darn deadly!
  • Knowing when to skeddale is an important factor.
  • LH can interpenetrate and be interpenetrated by Cavalry - unlike in many other rules
  • You need to have the majority of your army as Medium Cav
  • Any (usually 4) 4 Heavy Elite Bow/Impact types should always be taken
  • Take less than 10 light cavalry.
  • Get good initiative
  • Keep as many of your cavalry Elite as possible while keeping your breakpoint above 19-20.
  • Elite make your bowfire decent and keeps the Medium Cav alive in melee

Beating Solid Heavy Foot Armies in ADLG With Mounted Shooting

First, decide what is each side’s “theory of victory” in this match-up? If you don’t have conception or plan about how you win you probably won’t…

Huns: If you answer is something like, “run up shoot at the Romans until they break” this might work against some people but it is likely to result in a draw at best. If the answer is “ride around the Romans flank, shoot them a bit, and hope the Romans don’t react so I can flank charge…” again might work against some but still isn’t very robust.

The right answer is a combination of these. Maximize shooting to the extent you can to try and accumulate a lot of damage against the heavy foot army, effectively lowering their break point from 21 to 10-13 or so. Maneuver against one flank that appears most vulnerable and be prepared to sacrifice 3-4 MC into the front of the legions to hold them in place while 2-4 MC work to get on the flanks.

The rest of your army keeps shooting and keeps the bulk of the enemy infantry from participating in the decisive fight. You can also see why I prefer to avoid an army this light. The “heavier” your shooty cav army is the more effective it is going to be at that decisive charge – which is the game winning maneuver. An army with a hammer, like Ghaznavids with their Elite Elephants, Elite M Sw Impact, and Impetuous M Sw are nasty hammer to hit something with while HC Bow maneuver on the flank.

15mm Manufacturers supplying figures for this army

You can see some of the figures in the Ancients Photo Gallery also on this site. The Mongols had many subject troops, so look at the other Arab and East European ranges as well.

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Army Lists

Sample army lists for this army
Britcon 2018
171 Tribal Mongol
4 Khan's Guardsmen Heavy cavalry impact bow Elite
3 Mongol Horsemen Medium cavalry bow Elite
2 Dismounted horsemen Light infantry bow ------
3 Mongol Horsemen Medium cavalry bow Elite
2 Mongol Horsemen Light cavalry bow Elite
3 Mongol Horsemen Medium cavalry bow Elite
2 Mongol Horsemen Light cavalry bow Elite

200 Point Britcon winning list 2016
2 Mongol horsemen Medium cavalry bow Elite
4 Shock cavalry Heavy cavalry impact bow Elite
5 Mongol horsemen Medium cavalry bow Elite
1 Mongol horsemen Light cavalry bow Elite
1 Mongol horsemen Light cavalry bow ------
3 Mongol horsemen Light cavalry bow Elite
3 Mongol horsemen Light cavalry bow ------

200 Points
4 Heavy cavalry impact bow Elite
2 Heavy cavalry bow ------

5 Medium cavalry bow Elite
1 Light cavalry bow ------

7 Light cavalry bow Elite
19 Units- Initiative 4

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