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In the late Republic, two three-man political alliances are called triumvirates by modern scholars, though only for the second was the term triumviri used at the time to evoke constitutional precedents:

The so-called First Triumvirate was an informal political alliance of Julius Caesar, Pompeius Magnus ("Pompey the Great") and Marcus Crassus. The arrangement had no legal status, and its purpose was to consolidate the political power of the three and their supporters against the senatorial elite. Julia's death during childbirth and Crassus's ignominious defeat and death at Carrhae at the hands of the Parthians in 53 BC effectively undermined the alliance.

Pompey remained in Rome, governing his Spanish provinces through lieutenants, and remained in virtual control of the city throughout that time. He gradually drifted further and further from his alliance with Caesar, eventually marrying the daughter of Quintus Caecilius Metellus Pius Cornelianus Scipio Nasica, one of the boni ("Good Men"), an archconservative faction of the Senate steadfastly opposed to Caesar.

Pompey was elected consul without colleague in 52 BC, and took part in the politicking which led to Caesar's crossing of the Rubicon in 49 BC, starting the Civil War. Pompey was made commander-in-chief of the war by the Senate, and was defeated by his former ally Caesar at Pharsalus despite the fact that he heavily out-numbered Caesar's army. Pompey's subsequent murder in Egypt in an inept political intrigue left Caesar sole master of the Roman world.

The death of both Crassus and Pompey secured the breakdown of the First Triumvirate, as only one triumvir remained: Caesar.

The Second Triumvirate was recognized as a triumvirate at the time. A Lex Titia formalized the rule of Octavian, Mark Antony, and Marcus Aemilius Lepidus. Although the constitutional machinery of the Republic was not irrevocably dismantled by the Lex Titia, in the event it never recovered. Lepidus was sidelined early in the triumvirate, and Antony was eliminated in civil war, leaving Octavian the sole leader.

Using the army in ADLG

  • This is the army of Caesar - the Legions will stand up to anything in period, especially with Armour
  • The cavalry are a bit weak, so plan terrain without needing to use them.
  • Having a lone MF or even Cavalry base with the legions can help protect their flanks or even plus any gaps that arise quite quickly
  • The inferior elephant can be very effective at protecting your MF from enemy mounted, as long as you can successfully screen it with LF to avoid it getting shot at!

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Army Lists

Sample army lists for this army

83 Triumverate Roman (v4 Devonian Classic list)
2 Spanish horsemen Heavy cavalry
2 Spanish horsemen Light cavalry javelin
3 Legionaires Heavy swordsmen armour impact Elite
3 Legionaires Heavy swordsmen armour impact ------
2 German horsemen Medium cavalry Elite
2 Cretan bowmen Light infantry bow Elite
2 Gallic skirmishers Light infantry bow ------
1 Elephant Elephant Mediocre
1 Gallic skirmishers Light infantry sling ------
2 Gladiators Medium swordsmen ------
3 Spanish scutarii Medium swordsmen impetuous ------

83 - Triumverate Roman (v4 list Devonian Classic)
3 Legionaries Heavy swordsmen armour impact Elite
2 Hvy cavalry Heavy cavalry ------
1 Light Horse Jav Light cavalry javelin ------
2 Legionaries Heavy swordsmen armour impact ------
1 Elephant Elephant Mediocre
3 Thracians Medium swordsmen 2HW ------
1 German Light Inf Light infantry javelin ------
1 Light Inf Bow Light infantry bow Elite
Competent Included Armenian Ally
4 Cataphract Cataphract
1 Medium cavalry bow Medium cavalry bow
1 Light Horse Bow Light cavalry bow

83 Brutus & Cassius Alliance Triumverate
2 Spanish horsemen Heavy cavalry ------
2 Eastern horse archers Light cavalry bow ------
1 Eastern Archers Bowmen ------
2 Roman Legionaries Heavy swordsmen armour impact Mediocre
2 Greeks Light infantry sling ----
1 Heavy Artillery Heavy artillery ----
5 Roman Legionaries Heavy swordsmen armour impact Mediocre
1 German horseman Medium cavalry Elite
3 Thracians Medium swordsmen 2HW
3 Greeks Light infantry javelin
1 Eastern Archers Bowmen
2 Javalin horsemen Light cavalry javelin
Fortified Camp

v4 list from York 3Ts 2021
1 HCv Included General Ordinary
2 Numidians
1 MCv Gaul
4 Ordinary Armoured Impact Legions
2 LI Javelin
2 IMpetuous Spaniards
1 Poor Elephant
1 LI Sling
1 Legion Mediocre
1 Medium Sword
Brilliant General
2 Gladiators
5 Mediocre Legionaries
1 LI Javelin
2 LI Bow
1 Medium Cavalry

325 AP from Burton 2020 Triumvirate Roman
4 Legions, included General full fat
2 Velites
3 Legions full fat
1 Velites
3 Cretin archers
4 Thracians
3 full fat Legions
2 Cavalry elite MCv
3 LH Javelin
1 LF Bow
1 LF Javelin
LF Javelin x 6
LH javelin x 3
LH Javelin elite x 3
Crap elephant

200 AP from Patras 2019
4 Full fat Legions
1 Included Ordinary general
1 Medium Cavalryman
4 Armenian Cataphracts (1 Elite with a general)
2 LH Bow
Inferior Elephant
2 Elite Gladiators with armour
1 Thracian type peltast
2 LF Bopw
1 LF Javelin
2 Heavy Bolt Shooters

200 points
Brilliant Ally
1 Cavalry medium cavalry ------
5 Warriors heavy swordsmen impetuous Elite
1 light foot light infantry javelin ------
1 Cavalry medium cavalry
2 numidians light cavalry javelin
3 thracians Medium swordsmen 2HW
1 light foot light infantry javelin
5 legionary heavy swordsmen armour impact Elite
2 bow light infantry bow ------
1 light foot light infantry javelin ----

200 Points

  • Commander in Chief Competent
  • 1 Legionairies Heavy swordsmen armor impact Elite
  • 4 Legionairies Heavy swordsmen armor impact ------
  • 1 Roman Cavalry Medium cavalry ------
  • 1 Cretan Archers Light infantry bow Elite


  • Competent
  • 3 Thracians Medium swordsmen 2HW ------
  • 2 Gladiators Medium swordsmen Elite
  • 1 Elephant Elephant Mediocre
  • 2 Germans, Greeks, or Numidians Light infantry javelin ----


  • Ally : Armenius Competent
  • Quantity Troop description Troop type Quality
  • 2 Cataphracts Cataphract ----
  • 1 Cataphracts Cataphract Elite
  • 4 Horse Archers Light cavalry bow ------

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