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Accounts of military conflicts between the various tribes of Vedic Aryans are described in the Rig Veda. Most notable of such conflicts was the Battle of Ten Kings, which took place on the banks of the river Parushni (modern day Ravi). The battle was fought between the tribe Bharatas, led by their chief Sudas, against a confederation of ten tribes. The Bharatas lived around the upper regions of the river Saraswati, while the Purus, their western neighbours, lived along the lower regions of Saraswati. The other tribes dwelt north-west of the Bharatas in the region of Punjab. Division of the waters of Ravi could have been a reason for the war. The confederation of tribes tried to inundate the Bharatas by opening the embankments of Ravi, yet Sudas emerged victorious in the Battle of Ten Kings. Purukutsa, the chief of the Purus, was killed in the battle and the Bharatas and the Purus merged into a new tribe, the Kuru, after the war.

Using the army in ADLG

  • Light Chariots are essentially Medium Cavalry with an extra handicap, but with 6 allowed to be Elite thats starting to become viable in theme.
  • 2 Elephants are a must-take, especially in a Biblical-era period such as this army often will fall into, where enemy Chariots in particular will struggle to avoid them.
  • Unusually for an Indian army in any wargaming rules, the crap Medium cavalry are not compulsory.
  • You could try a Bow/Sword 2 rank combo, but making a decision if your elephant Death Stars are defensive (with Bowmen) or offensive (with the 2HCW men)

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Army Lists

Sample army lists for this army

200 Points

35 Vedic Indian (Peregrine-Young - Britcon 2019)
4 Light Chariots Light chariot bow Elite 11 44
1 Elephants Elephant Ordinary 13 13
1 archers Bowmen Mediocre 5 5
2 Warriors Medium swordsmen 2HW Ordinary 8 16
2 Light Infantry Light infantry bow Ordinary 4 8
4 Light Chariots Light chariot bow Ordinary 9 36
3 Archers Bowmen Mediocre 5 15
2 Levy Levy Ordinary 3 6
Ordinary Included
1 Elephants* Elephant Ordinary 13 13
2 Archers Bowmen Mediocre 5 10
2 Guardsmen Medium swordsmen 2HW Elite 10 20
2 Light Infantry Light infantry bow Ordinary 4 8

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