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Date of first pageview Tuesday 14 of October, 2008
Days since first pageview 3965
Total pageviews 22670491
Average pageviews per day (pvs) 5717.65
Day with the most pageviews Monday 12 of September, 2011 (51253 pvs)
Day with the least pageviewsFriday 19 of July, 2013 (3 pvs)

Wiki Stats

Wiki Pages 264
Size of Wiki Pages 2.92931 Mb
Average page length 11095.87 bytes
Versions 3038
Average versions per page 11.51
Visits to wiki pages 7201808
Orphan pages 2
Average links per page 20.92

User Stats

Users 190
My Bookmarks 0
Average bookmarks per user 0.00

Most viewed objects in period

Object Section Hits
HomePage wiki 408212
Italian Condotta wiki 272580
Carolingian Frankish wiki 218469
Storm of Arrows wiki 72960
Mid Republican Roman wiki 69431
Wolves from The Sea wiki 65404
Immortal Fire wiki 57238
Legions Triumphant wiki 56163
Decline and Fall wiki 54047
Swords and Scimitars wiki 51485
Eternal Empire wiki 51243
Rise of Rome wiki 50426
Swifter Than Eagles wiki 45049
Later Seleucid wiki 42833
Nikephorian Byzantine wiki 41895
Empires of The Dragon wiki 41427
Late Republican Roman wiki 40608
Dominate Roman wiki 40265
Oath of Fealty wiki 40063
Troop Types in FoG wiki 39141

Most viewed objects in the last 7 days

Object Section Hits
HomePage wiki 212
Wars of the Roses English wiki 65
Thematic Byzantine wiki 58
Early Pictish wiki 52
Rise of Rome wiki 51
Eternal Empire wiki 45
Storm of Arrows wiki 42
Troop Types in FoG wiki 42
Wolves from The Sea wiki 42
Sassanid Persian wiki 41
Legions Triumphant wiki 38
Immortal Fire wiki 37
Medieval Burgundian wiki 34
Late Republican Roman wiki 34
Nikephorian Byzantine wiki 33
Catalan Company wiki 33
Decline and Fall wiki 33
Mid Republican Roman wiki 32
Alexandrian Macedonian wiki 31
Swords and Scimitars wiki 30
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