Christian Nubian

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In the 3rd century, the Auxumite kingdom of Aksum began interfering in South Arabian affairs, controlling at times the western Tihama region among other areas. By the late 3rd century it had begun minting its own currency and was named as one of the four great powers of his time along with the Sassanid Persians, the Principate Romans, and China.

Around 350 AD Aksum invaded the previously-stable Nubian Kingdom (also known as Kush) leading to a collapse of the existing state and a period of fragmented government. Eventually three smaller kingdoms replaced it: northernmost was Nobatia between the first and second cataract of the Nile River, with its capital at Pachoras (modern day Faras); in the middle was Makuria, with its capital at Old Dongola; and southernmost was Alodia, with its capital at Soba (near Khartoum). Nubia was an important crossroads for the Nile civilizations, leading to the emerging Kingdoms being involved in many confrontations with their neighbours - in one of the most important King Silko of Nobatia crushed the Blemmyes, and recorded his victory in a Greek inscription carved in the wall of the temple of Talmis (modern Kalabsha) around AD 500.

The bishops of Alexandria had been active in the region as far back as 373, however the adoption of Christianity is generally demarcated by the actions of a Monophysite priest named Julian, who converted the king and nobles of Nobatia around 545. The neighbouring Nubian kingdom of Alodia was converted around 569 and Makuria may have been converted (to Roman Catholicism) the same year. The records of the Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Alexandria state that in 719, the church of Nubia transferred its allegiance from the Greek Orthodox to the Coptic Church, indicating an ongoing struggle between these two branches of Christianity.

By the 7th century Makuria expanded and became the dominant power in the region. It was a quasi-ally of the Byzantium against the Sassanid Persian Empire of the day and declined after the 7th century due to unknown reasons, but informed speculation suggests the rise of Islam heavily impacted its ability to trade with the Far East in the era when shipping was limited to coastal navigation as well as cut it off from its principal markets in Alexandria, Byzantium and Southern Europe.

Even so, its bowmen were strong enough to halt the southern expansion of Islam after the Arab Conquest had taken Egypt. After several failed invasions, the new Muslim rulers in Egypt agreed to a treaty to allow for peaceful coexistence and trade. This treaty held for six hundred years. Over time the influx of Arab traders introduced Islam to Nubia, and Islam gradually supplanted Christianity in the region. By 1315 Mamluk Egyptian rulers dominated the area and had appointed a Nubian Prince who converted to Islam triggering further conversions amongst the populace. While there are records of a bishop at Qasr Ibrim in 1372, his see had come to include that located at Faras. Archeological evidence demonstrates that by 1350, the "Royal" church at Dongola had been converted to a mosque.

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Army Lists

Sample army lists for this army
2018 Britcon list
161 Christian Nubian
6 Nubians Medium swordsmen impetuous
2 Light Infantry Bow Light infantry bow
2 Light Infantry Javelin Light infantry javelin
5 Warriors on camels Medium Camel impetuous
5 Light Infantry Bow Light infantry bow
2 Nubian horsemen Light cavalry javelin
6 Bedouin horsemen Light cavalry impact
4 Bowmen Bowmen

Massimilliano's list from the 2017 Worlds
2 LF Bw
6 MF Swordsmen
1 Light Camel
Ordinary General
5 LF Bow
5 Impetuoous Camels
2 LH Javelins
Brilliant General
3 Bw Ordinary
6 LH Impact
This is vast at 200 points. The army can fall back after harassing you and with two in your face commands the massed Impact LH command ends up with lots of space to play in.

47 Units at 300 points!
Qty Troop description Troop type Quality
7 Nubian Foot Medium swordsmen impetuous ------
6 LF Bow Light infantry bow ------
Qty Troop description Troop type Quality
8 Nubian Horse Light cavalry javelin ------
Ally Competent
Qty Troop description Troop type Quality
1 LI Jav Light infantry javelin ----
4 Nubian Horse Light cavalry javelin ------
6 Warriors on Camels Medium camelry impetuous ----
3 LI Bow Light infantry bow ----
Ally Competent
Qty Troop description Troop type Quality
6 Warriors on Camels Medium camelry impetuous ------
3 Scouts on Camels Light camelry bow ------
3 LF Bow Light infantry bow ----

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