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Historical Overview Section

Whilst the list covers North Indian states from 500-1500 AD, this army is most often used in its Rajput incarnation. Northern India had long borne the brunt of incursions from western armies heading east via Pakistan and Afghanistan leading to a somewhat militarized society capable fo resisting the many Southern Indian kingdoms attempts exert control over the area.

The Rajputs
The first Rajput kingdoms date back to the 7th century, however it was during the 9th to 11th centuries that the Rajputs rose to prominence. This was just in time to be ready to take on the Moslem invasion which had been gathering pace since the death of the Muhammad (PBUH) in 632 when the caliph Uthman sent a sea expedition to raid Thana and Broach on the Bombay coast. Within a hundred years after Muhammad's death, Arab Conquest and Umayyad Arab Muslim armies had overrun much of Asia as far as the Hindu Kush; however, it was not until c.1000 CE that they established any foothold in India through the repeated invasions of the Ghaznavid dynasty and also the Ghurid Afghans - although rampant internecine conflict among Rajput kingdoms was a frequent cause of the victories of the invaders.

Eventually the Rajputs lost territory - notably Delhi - to the Moslem Indian Sultanates, and saw their power base reduced to their northern homelands. However they continued their martial tradition, and were in continual warfre even as the Mughal Empire spread across much of India.

Using the army in FoG

  • The 8 elephants seem to be the starting point, with the rest of the points filled up with lancers and enough supporting troops to pad out the army.
  • Using cheap foot to give the elephants rear support is a must
  • The challenge is deciding where and how to use the elephants. All 8 is a big block, but may be easy to avoid, yet splitting them allows them to be picked off piecemeal.
  • It looks neater if you do it with bullet points. Just put each new suggestion on a new line, starting with an "*"

UK Tournament Results with this army

User-contributed links about this army:


Put information on allied contingents here - including recommendations on which to use, and why.

Painting and Collecting the Army

  • Paint schemes, insignia, shield designs? Put it here.

15mm Manufacturers supplying figures for this army

A difficult one for figures - somewhat surprisingly. A mix of later Arabs, Kushans and classical Indians tends to get used for this army, lurking into Moghul ranges later in the period.
You can see some of the figures in the Ancients Photo Gallery also on this site

Image Image Image Image

Army Lists

Sample army lists for this army
900 AP army used by The Fairhursts at Usk 2010

  • 4 Lancers
  • 4 Lancers
  • 4 Lancers
  • 4 Lancers
  • 6 Rubbish Bowmen
  • 6 more rubbish bowmen
  • 2 Elephants
  • 2 Elephants
  • 4 Lancers (protected)
  • 6 LMI, Unprotected, Sword, average
  • 8 LMI, Protected, javelin/sword, average
  • 8 LMI, Protected, javelin/sword, average
  • 2 Elephants
  • 2 Elephants
  • 6 LF, Slingers

  • Using asterisks inthe edit mode creates a bulleted list in the actual site
  • This is a lot easier to do than easier than setting up tables
  • For FoG I suggest listing your army in order or march
  • with troop desctiptions on each line, for example
  • 4 HF Armoured Average Drilled Impact Foot Swordsmen
  • 8 LG Undrilled Unarmoured Poor Bowen
  • Dont forget to include your Generals !!!

Include any notes you want here, including comments on how to use - or play against - the army.

Remember to leave a line before you copy the above section as a template for your own list

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