Medieval Crown of Aragon

Medieval Crown of Aragon

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Historical Overview Section

The Crown of Aragon was a permanent union of multiple titles and states in the hands of the King of Aragon. At the height of its power by the 14th and 15th centuries, the Crown of Aragon was a thalassocracy controlling a large portion of the present-day eastern Spain, Southeastern France, as well as some of the major islands and mainland possessions stretching across the Mediterranean Sea as far as Greece. The component realms of the Crown were not united politically except at the level of the king. Put in contemporary terms, it functioned more as a confederacy rather than as a single country. In this sense, the larger Crown of Aragon must not be confused with one of its constituent parts, the Kingdom of Aragon, from which it takes its name.

In 1479, a new dynastic union merged the Crown of Aragon with the Crown of Castile, creating what would become the Kingdom of Spain. The component titles of the Aragonese Crown as subsidiary titles of the Spanish monarch were used until 1716, when they were abolished by the Nueva Planta decrees as a consequence of the defeat of the preferred pretender of the former components of the Crown of Aragon in the course of the War of the Spanish Succession.

Using the army in FoG

  • Almost as good as the Santa Hermandad Nueva Castillian, but not quite as flexible.
  • If you like knights take only the minimum foot and use them to guard the camp, and then attack in a wall of knights across the table
  • If you have a mix of BGs of drilled and Undrilled knights, only the end BGs need to be drilled – the undrilled can march forward and fight anything in their path.
  • BGs of 6 knights are probably too wide to use effectively
  • Average Knights are the wrong choice in 99 out of 100 possible situations – even if they save a few points, don't choose them.
  • 12 LH looks almost obligatory, as do some Impact Foot Almughavars.
  • The Poor defensive spears are cheap and can hold up and enemy for a while, but they eat into your base allowances for proper spearmen and Pikes.
  • Armoured Offensive Spears are some of the best anti-infantry troops in period, especially when combined with an Almughavar charge.
  • Co-ordinating Defensive and Offensive spears together is a nightmare. Best to give them separate jobs in separate areas of the table if you can.
  • Crossbow units generally are troops which do not win battles. They can cause heavily armoured and armoured knights pause for thought and are pretty good against cavalry but generally unless you expect to face off against lots of knights, or cynically plan to use them in column to support spearmen from behind you may be better spending points elsewhere on game winning units.
  • Protected is generally good enough for the LH, armoured is gilding the lilly unless in a tightly themed period where protected LH will be common.
  • Handgunners are useful to support other shooters and cause more CT's on the enemy. They are also cheap filler as they come in 4's.

UK Tournament Results with this army

7 / 62 Medieval Crown of Aragon Britcon 2008 15mm (open)
8 / 41 Medieval Crown of Aragon BHGS Challenge 2008 (open)
9 / 62 Medieval Crown of Aragon Britcon 2008 15mm (open)
10 / 16 MEDIEVAL CROWN OF ARAGON Scottish Open 2008 (open)
11 / 12 Medieval Crown of Aragon Leeds Doubles 2008 (SoA)
13 / 20 Mediaeval Crown of Aragon Warfare 2008 15mm (S&S, SoA, EE)
16 / 62 Medieval Crown of Aragon Britcon 2008 15mm (open)
27 / 41 Medieval Crown of Aragon BHGS Challenge 2008 (open)
33 / 41 Medieval Crown of Aragon BHGS Challenge 2008 (open)
56 / 62 Medieval Crown of Aragon Britcon 2008 15mm (open)
7 / 12 Medievel Crown of Aragon Leeds Doubles 2008 (SoA)
8 / 12 Medievel Crown of Aragon Leeds Doubles 2008 (SoA)
2 / 14 SA22 Medieval Crown of Aragon Northern League 2008 R4 (open)

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Core Troops

Which troops are absolutely needed for this army, and what are your thoughts on how to organise, paint and buy them.

Army Lists

Sample army lists for this army
This won a competition in Australia in May 2009

  • 4 * TC
  • 4 Kn Sup dr HArm lancer swordsmen
  • 4 Kn Sup undr HArm lancer swordsmen
  • 4 Kn Sup undr HArm lancer swordsmen
  • 4 LH Av undr Prot Jav LtSpear
  • 4 LH Av undr Prot Jav LtSpear
  • 6 MF Supv undr Prot Impact Sword
  • 6 MF Supv undr Prot Impact Sword
  • 6 HF Av dr Arm OffSpear
  • 6 HF Av dr Arm OffSpear
  • 6 HF Av undr prot DefSpear
  • 8 LF Av Undr unprot Xbow

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