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Historical Overview Section

The Pagan Burmese were actually pagans, but they were also part of a Dynasty called The Pagans. What a co-incidence. The kingdom grew out of a small fortified settlement of Pagan founded in 849 by the Burmans, who had recently entered the central plains of the Irrawaddy from Nanzhao Kingdom of the present-day Yunnan. Over the next two hundred years the Pagan Kingdom gradually grew to include its immediate surrounding areas. In 1057, King Anawrahta conquered Lower Burma. Anawrahta's successors by the late 12th century had extended their influence farther south into the upper Malay peninsula, at least to the Salween river in the east, below the current China border in the farther north, and to the west, northern Arakan and the Chin Hills. The Burmese Chronicles also claimed Pagan's suzerainty over the entire Chao Phraya river valley and the lower Malay peninsula down to the Straits of Malacca. In the mid-12th century, most of mainland Southeast Asia was under some degree of control of either the Pagan Kingdom or the Khmer Khmer or Champa Empire.

The kingdom went into decline in the 13th century as the continuous growth of tax-free religious wealth (by the 1280s, two-thirds of Upper Burma's cultivable land had been alienated to the religion!!) affected the crown's ability to retain the loyalty of courtiers and military servicemen. This ushered in a vicious circle of internal disorders and external challenges by Mons, Mongols and Shans.

Beginning in the early 13th century, the Shans began to circle the Pagan Empire from the north and the east. The Mongol Conquest, which had overtaken Yunnan, the former homeland of the Burmans in 1253, reached Burma in 1277. The last true ruler of Pagan, Narathihapate (1254–87) felt confident in his ability to resist the Mongol Conquests and advanced into Yunnan in 1277 to make war upon them. He was thoroughly crushed at the Battle of Ngasaunggyan, and Pagan resistance virtually collapsed. The king was assassinated by his own son in 1287, precipitating a Mongol invasion in the Battle of Pagan; the Mongol Conquest successfully captured most of the empire, including its capital, and ended the dynasty in 1289 when they installed a puppet ruler in Burma, ending the Pagan kingdom's 250-year rule of the Irrawaddy valley and its periphery. The kingdom was broken up into many small Medieval Burmese states, with each claiming a king. It took another 250 years until Burma was unified again.

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  • Only the Pagan Dynasty wore the cone cap, which is seen on most figure ranges. Other later Dynasties wore turbans included those dominated by the Shan and Mon/Taliang ethnic groups.

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Not too many Burmese ranges out there. You can see some of the figures in the Ancients Photo Gallery also on this site

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