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This part of Madaxeman.com is a "Wiki" - just like http://www.wikipedia.com, but about collecting and gaming the armies in ADLG.

You can contribute anything you like to the pages - historical background, army lists, comments on how to use the armies - anything you like!

  • The first step is registering - which you do via the menu on the right of this page.
  • Once you have registered, you can start adding to and editing the actual site, in exactly the same way you might post messages on a discussion board or forum - the only difference is these messages stay up here and are availabe for everyone to see!
  • Yes - any of your edits will be visible to everyone!! This means 3 things. 1. Dont put anything rude or offensive, 2. Try and avoid writing "I think.." or "I used ..." - no-one will know who "I" is so either put your name ("Dave Smith used this army at.."), or write in the third person ("This army is generally considered to be.." or "You can use 3 units of bowmen on a flank"), and 3, before you start please "RTFM" so you avoid breaking anything too important !

  • ...On nearly all of the "real" pages registered users will be able to see lots of images like this Image - they are all over most of the pages in the Wiki. Clicking on a Image means you can edit that part of the page. Some pages can't be edited (except by me). These tend to be the gateway pages that are used for navigation - they are locked as if they got accidentally broken visitors may not be able to find their wayinto large parts of the wiki. The rest however you are free to play with and amend as you wish.
  • You can also start creating new pages which will be automatically linked into the ADLG Wikipedia structure - so you could create a whole new page linked to the "real" New Kingdom Egyptian page to go into detail on your thoughts on tactical tips, or go in depth on a specific battle or campaign - yep, you can do all of that !! Read how in the next white-out box below

Registered users will also see a "?" after some army names. This means registered users can actually create the pages from scratch!!! Click any of the "?" links to create a new page

When you are creating a new page make sure select the "Ancient Army Page Template" from the dropdown menu on the editing page, as this will set up the basic page structure (which you will then see previewed). When you see the preview, scroll down to the bottom of the page to start editing it.

If you are adding an army list, you can just cut and paste one from an excel army-builder file. Just paste it into the relevant bit of a wiki page and the wiki will fix all the formatting for you making it into a neat list. If you want to add bullet points, start each line with an asterisk. Simples.

Thats pretty much it.

The other bits to remember are that you CAN change other peoples input, but please only do so where you see mistakes or want to clarify or tidy it up - not because you once thought the bloke had iffy dice in a game you played in 1997 and you don't like him!

I also have the ability to undo or cancel changes - but you don't. So, if you do mess something up, just drop me a mail and tell me what went wrong and where, and I can easily fix it.

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